1:1 Services

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The embodied inner power sessions

This is for you if you are ready to make the youturn and take responsibility for your life and wellbeing, but you need some help. If you have the tools but haven't been able to make them work for you yet. If there are still uncertainties and you are willing to heal your wounds at core level and you are not afraid of confronting... yourself. Click here to request a discovery call. This Accelerator is customizable to your personal needs. For instance: we can focus primarily on cultivating the relationship with yourself (self-love) or your body (if you have chronic pain/health issues), expanding your knowledge and use of spiritual practices, overcoming inner blocks and limiting beliefs.

Investment: €444 - €792/month, with a minimum of 3 months.

Pay for a whole year upfront and get 1 month FREE!


Signature Program for a Complete Life Upgrade & Transformation

Through this mentorship you'll be able to upgrade your mindset & your vibration to get the life you want! You'll discover how to breakthrough your limitations, shatter negative beliefs, and get YOUR Happy On! You'll be less stressed, more in control and in optimal wellness. You will not only know what to do and how to do it, but you'll actually be able to put all you've learned into practice! In just 12 months you'll go through your own realigning-process and heal all the areas of your life (that you want)!

Access to the mentorship is granted through application only. Click here ​to request a discovery call to see if we're a match!

Investment: €24.000/year (payment plan available)


Intuitive Reading

A letter from/regarding your Soul

Een uitgebreide reading met o.a. belangrijke boodschappen van je ziel, beantwoording van vragen, zielsblauwdruk, persoonlijk rapport en handvatten om mee aan de slag te gaan.

Investering: €350,-


Kundalini Reiki


Kundalini Reiki is een krachtige manier van werken met Reiki en de eigen Kundalini energie, die middels een inwijding (of via spirituele ontwikkeling)  ontwaakt.
Kundalini Reiki kan gebruikt worden om blokkades in ons systeem (energetisch, fysiek, mentaal, emotioneel, sociaal) op te lossen. Door dit soort blokkades kan de energiestroom in ons systeem stagneren. Hierdoor kunnen fysieke, mentale, emotionele of spirituele problemen ontstaan.
Kundalini Reiki helpt bij het vrijmaken van de energiekanalen met alle positieve en bevrijdende gevolgen van dien.

Investering: €33,- per inwijding, €88,- bij vooruitbetaling voor alle 3.