body alliance

Become friends with your body, learn to understand it's messages, and release the Root Causes of Chronic Pain, Allergies and Fatigue.

3-month program

Your body is your best friend. But I bet you never looked at your body that way. You're probably more inclined to judge your body when it's "not cooperating" with you or "holding you back" in life. You probably dismiss the signals it's providing as "incovenient" and "unwanted". Chances are you spend a lot of time and effort in trying to get rid of the symptoms instead.

But what if you tried to truly listen and understand what your body is telling you? How about stopping the fight and resistance that only tend to make things worse?


I know, nobody wants to be in agony. It's not convenient or pleasurable to pay attention to what's going on inside. It does matter however. You can't run or hide from yourself, from your inner truth.


When I'm in pain, my first response is the thought "please stop". But then I stop, ask "what's the message here" and listen. I take action when that's asked of me. I heal through attention. And grow from the alliance I forged with my body. This provides me with acceptance, control, and inner peace. And I want the same for you!

Most of my life I suffered from chronic pain, illness, fatigue and allergies. I'm not anymore. So I know what's possible.  And giving other people hope and relief is the biggest passion in my life.


In order to do that, we need to be willing to open up to new, unconventional possibilites and the expansion of consciousness. We must build a loving relationship with our body and learn how to communicate with it. 

So, are you ready to REALLY listen to your own inner wisdom? And uncover the root cause and function of your ailment? 

Then this program is for you! In just 3 months you'll learn how and why unconscious programs are running the show and what you can do about it. How to communicate with yourself and come into acceptance and harmony with your body.

At the end of this program you'll have learned:

* to love and appreciate your body an everything it's doing for you

* how to communicate with your body

and unconscius mind

* to understand what your body is telling you

* how to instruct your unconscious mind for better results in life.

Also, during our program, you'' find that your symptoms will have decreased, possibly even to zero!


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