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Energy Detox Workshop

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Clean your energy field to feel better, have better connections to yourself and others, and to make space for new things to come in! We all have an energy body (aura) that absorbs all kinds of “stuff”. This can be impressions and stimuli from the outside world, negative emotions and thoughts we pick up from other people or places. But also frequencies we emit ourselves that can get stuck in our energy field. If you’re not used to clearing your energy, you’re basically unknowingly and unwilling carrying them around. This might feel heavy, drain you, and/or have an impact on your mood and others around you. This workshop is for you if you want to take responsibility over your own energy field. Especially if you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP/AD(H)D) and/or working with people as a coach, therapist, massage therapist, doctor, etc. This workshop is the first of a series and is the most generic one. You’ll be able to implement the practices immediately. You’ll get to experience the shift and how it feels during the workshop (so yeah, I’ll be putting you to work!). The workshop consists of guided mediations, exercises and practices.

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