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Cookies & Disclaimers



The Cookie Legislation according to the National Government: information about your website visit can be stored on your computer together with your personal data. This information can also be read from your computer by website administrators. This is done with the help of cookies. These are small files that store Internet settings on your computer.

2 types of cookies

There are cookies that store your preferences (such as language settings) and your entered (personal) data. This can be useful when filling a shopping basket in an internet shop. Or as "memory" when you return to the respective website in the future.

In addition, there are cookies that are used to draw up visitor profiles and to track surfing and search behaviour. All this personal data can be shared with commercial parties and advertising networks, whether or not for a fee.

Consent to place cookies

Since June 5, 2012, on the basis of the Telecommunications Act, websites must inform you if they want to place cookies that, for example, keep track of your surfing behaviour. They may only post these if you give permission for this.

Websites do not need your permission for cookies that are necessary for a service or webshop to function. These are, for example, files that keep track of what you have in your virtual shopping cart.


Consent processing personal data

If personal data is processed with cookies, the Personal Data Protection Act also applies in addition to the Telecommunications Act. Pursuant to this law, the person who processes personal data must, as a rule, request so-called unambiguous permission for that processing.

Since 1 January 2013, a legal presumption applies to cookies that track surfing behaviour: the law then assumes that anyone who places a cookie to track surfing behavior is doing so to process personal data. This means that, as a rule, unambiguous consent is required for cookies that track surfing behaviour, unless the placer of the cookies can prove that he does not process any personal data.


Report security breaches

Since 5 June 2012, telecom companies have to report security breaches (obligation to report security breaches). They are obliged to immediately report the loss, accidental release, theft or misuse of personal data to OPTA. The purpose of this is to provide insight into and optimize the quality and security of networks and services. As a result, confidence in and thus the use of ICT services will increase.




This site contains information that is based on the personal and professional vision and experience of Kinga de Wit. Wellness in Mind is not liable for any damage as a result of possible inaccuracies and/or incompleteness in its information provision. In the event of physical and/or psychological complaints, you are strongly advised to consult a doctor at all times. I would like to support you on your healing journey, but please remember that any information you obtain through Wellness in Mind is not a substitute for the advice or treatment of your doctor or therapist. I am not a doctor and will not treat, diagnose or cure anything you may be suffering from. You are at all times 100% responsible for what you do with the information obtained. The services of the Wellness in Mind practice are complementary in nature and should only be used to support any medication or regular medical treatment.

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