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Kinga de Wit


Holistic Psychologist & Energy Healer

Chronic Pain, Self-Worth, Stress, Awareness

Join the KINGDOM and embark on a journey of transformation that will empower you
to claim your throne and reign supreme in your life. 

Welcome to the KINGDOM

Training * Healing * Awareness * Holistic Wellness Coaching

Castle Garden

Enter my Kingdom of love and light
Where your true self shines so bright
A space where you'll be heard and seen
And your Soul's voice can joyfully stream.

I know the journey can be tough
But with my support, you'll rise above
You'll find the balance and peace you seek
And finally hear your Truest Self speak

I started on this path so young
And it brought me joy where once was none
And now I want to share the gift
And help you heal, uplift and shift.

Pain and suffering can be undone
And a richer, easier life can be won
So let's embark on this journey together
And unlock your full potential, forever.

I'm here to guide you every step
And help you heal and self-accept
So come on in and join the quest
To connect with your wisdom, and be your best.

To your expansion, happiness and freedom.

Love, Kinga.

The Kingdom

Why enter this realm...

Step into my royal garden, my invitation to grow
Where autopilot stops, and consciousness begins to flow
You are here to thrive, to break free from trauma and stress
And become emotionally intelligent, stable, and progress.

I'm Kinga de Wit, a holistic guide to transformation
Through trauma release, body work, and energy activation
Drawing on my gifts, knowledge, and experience, I'll help you find your way
From a bleak and dark state of mind, to a balanced, fulfilling day.

Through careful gardening, we'll uncover your authentic self
Unleashing your potential, and putting issues on the shelf
With a customized plan, we'll address all aspects of your being
So you can live a life of joy, abundance, and meaning.

I'll help you break free from the chains of your past

eradicate the root cause of problems so the healing will last
Together we'll make the world a better place
Step into my garden, and begin your inner journey with grace.



Mindset &

Self Love



Chronic Pain


Energy Healing

Holistic Health

Change, Improvement, Resourcefulness,

Problem Solving, Advise, Guidance To Potential

Semicircle of Crystals

Growth-minded individuals who want to unlock higher levels of consciousness, healing, authenticity, and freedom.

Entrepreneurs who understand that inner work and energy are at the core of building and maintaining a successful business and breaking through glass ceilings.

Professionals in a high-stress/demanding industry who need to learn how to set boundaries and start taking good care of themselves.

Spiritual seekers who are on a spiritual path and seeking guidance and support in deepening their connection with their Higher Self and the Universe. They want to learn how to access their own intuitive 
wisdom and develop a greater sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Women who are navigating a midlife transition such as menopause, divorce, or career changes. They want help connecting with their
inner wisdom and body and develop a deeper understanding of their needs and desires. 

Parents of young children who want to be able to heal their triggers and regulate their emotions. They want to understand what their child's behavior means and what it might be mirroring. They want to be present with their child(ren) while also prioritizing their own self-care, happiness, mental health, relationship(s) and career.

People I mostly
work with

Meet Kinga

Queen of the castle and your hostess

As an incurable optimist, I have always believed that humans are powerful beings capable of miraculous things and that optimal wellbeing is attainable for everyone. I believe that all answers and solutions can be found within ourselves. And that we can heal ourselves, provided we learn how to use our self-healing capacity, get rid of blockages and fears, and remember how powerful we are.


To assist people on this journey, I look at problems and ailments as teachers. I myself have had my share of stress and challenges. Looking back, they were blessings in disguise. By healing my own traumas, limiting  beliefs and evolving from a sick, weak, victim-minded girl into a strong, confident, healthy woman I discovered that life is always giving us feedback. And that we can decide to use setbacks and triggers as portals for growth. To go from pain to power. 

I love making a contribution to my client's progress to becoming the most powerful, loving, healed versions of themselves that thrive beyond their wildest dreams. I know this is possible, because I'm the embodiment of it all. I practice what I preach and aim to inspire you to trust your inner compass and take the reigns of your life into your own hands.

I'm here to provide you with guidance and tools so you can experience the magic of your self-healing capacity, your manifesting abilities, accelerated growth, and your dreams come true. 

Wellness in Mind, Text Hermes Trismegistus

“As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”

- Hermes Trismegistus - 

Hi Kinga,


I am so grateful that you crossed my path. A few years ago I would have never thought or believed that I could ever feel this way.  Life smiles at me, I am grateful, satisfied, and proud of who I am... I have given myself the right to exist. There is no greater gift.... Kinga, thank you for all your wise, inspiring words, your angelic patience, and your tenacity…

- Anonymous

Dear Kinga,


you have helped me in a fantastic and unique way. Your pure presence and attention is not only heartwarming and very inspiring, but in combination with your expertise, extensive knowledge and authenticity, it is also a true medicine.

- Simone

Dear, Incredible Kinga,

recently I had 2 sessions with you for chronic pain. I've been in pain all my life. I never thought anything could be done about this. That had never been possible before and the pain was caused by the condition I have. You really amazed me. I left your home pain free, totally relaxed and that's how it remains...

- Mirka

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