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Get Your Wellness Breakthrough

What is it?

In this 1:1 trajectory we focus on holistic processes for self-development, consciousness and healing.

We look for the root cause of problems and use your natural ability to heal in various ways

(mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically).

It's a reminder of and return to your Personal Power. We all have it. It just sometimes gets snowed in.

We uncover your true self, so you can start creating the life you actually want.

What it's not:

Psychological treatment. Although reduction or solving of (mental) issues and problems is a common "byproduct" of this trajectory.

Who it's for:

For busy, sensitive, overwhelmed men and women who know that life is more than just "making it through the day"

and being constantly in survival mode.

For people who are ready to take the reigns of their life and well-being into their own hands.

For individuals who are open to new insights, introspection and radical responsibility.

For those who are willing to look at "the dark stuff" within themselves, bring it to the light and transmute it.

For you if you have the courage to be the center & creative force of your life.

What you get:

3 - 6 months:
Weekly individual sessions

Voxer support (daily access to me)

As a bonus you will have access to existing online modules (KingAcademy) and modules that are launched during our trajectory.
As a 2nd bonus, you get the option to receive one emergency intervention/intuitive reading during our collaboration:
When you're completely stuck and want some clarity, you can request an intuitive reading that will provide you

with clarity, practical tools and direction.

Investment: €1500,- for 3 months / €2500,- for 6 months.

Payment plan available: €515,- per month / €430,- per month

Not entirely what you're looking for?

Check out the group option, the lite version or mentorship for comparison!

If this is for you, please contact me through email!

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