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Just like tending to a garden, creating your life is in part a natural and instinctive process.

I love observing my client's energy and supporting them by providing clues and clarity.

It's important to me to take great care to respect my client's boundaries. Before delving into an energy reading,

I always seek my client's consent and ensure that they feel comfortable with the process.

I could do an intuitive reading during our 1:1 session.


✨ We can use this as an initial plan for the session or our trajectory as a whole. We can ask your Higher Self/Soul what it feels are the most important steps to take.

✨ When we get stuck on some issue, we can ask for guidance from your guides.

✨ I can use my clairscientenant abilities to tune into your energy and gain more clarity on what's really going on.

✨ By providing a safe container, and helping you to tune into your own intuition you'll be able to explore your own perceptivity, inner knowing and/or psychic gifts.

You can choose to get an intuitive reading in writing.

✨ If you have questions about yourself, your physical symptoms, relationships, etc, and you don't want/need coaching

at this time, you could opt for getting a reading in written form to help you gain some clarity and practical steps to take.

✨ A written reading consists of a mix of different modalities like Akashic Records, Child in Mind Reading, Tarot and other cards, my channeling abilities. You can request specific ingredients or leave that up to me.

Choosing to do a reading and which one is much like selecting the right tool to tend to a specific plant in a garden.

It's not always necessary, but at times can provide just the extra information or confirmation you've been craving for!

You can request your written reading, called "Imperial Intuition", here.

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