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KingAcademy is the self-directed training branch of Wellness in Mind and affiliate courses.

The online self-help courses and digital products are a perfect way to start your journey to optimal well-being! Powerful, practical tips and healing programs that you can apply yourself and with which you can achieve fast results. From the comfort of your own home.


You can go through the courses and workbooks completely independently and at your own pace. Are you ready for the next step? Then an online coaching program might be a the way to go!

- The free courses are an accessible way to get to know me and my way of working. You can convince yourself that the tips you get actually work. As long as you apply them 😉

These courses have usually been part of a FaceBook challenge or were part of the offer in my private FaceBook Group. By the way: now is the time to like my page and join the group. This is free of charge and a great way to stay informed about the latest news, promotions and free offers!

- The paid courses and digital products are more in-depth and have a more therapeutic and transformative character

You can find (and share) testimonials here.


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