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De-Stress Level 1

A Comprehensive Training on

How to Get Out of Survival Mode and

Regulate Your Nervous System


Presented by Kinga de Wit,
Founder & Holistic Psychologist at Wellness in Mind.

Kinga de Wit is a psychologist, holistic wellness coach and energy healer. She works with clients who are ready to take ownership for their life. She specializes in helping people overcome hurt, ailments and stress-related issues by guiding them to their true core essence and awakening them to their own power, values, and and leadership. She's also passionate about raising awareness to the messages of our body and our life and to go from Pain to Powerrr. She's convinced, that by becoming more of who we truly are and making conscious decisions, we allow others to step into their greatness as well and create more love and compassion in the world.

In this training we will cover

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