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Today Is The Day

Today is the day. The day to define all days to come. A decision is made to commit to yourself. An investment in growth and personal freedom. I'm not used to playing small so I'm thinking HUGE. Big announcements, big results, big bucks. I don't care about what people might think. I do however value their opinion. There's a difference. We have hundreds of thoughts every day. The majority of them negative. We're full of conditioned, learned reactions that reflect our belief system rather than our true selves. Aren't you tired of playing a role? Pretending? Putting on a mask? Isn't it exhausting to keep up appearances? And what about your integrity?

Let's unite in love, respect and sincerity. That's not an act of weaknesses, nor vulnerability. If you speak your truth, with compassion, you're not putting yourself up for slaughter, you're being real! And let's face it. Being who you really are feels absolutely amazing and it's in essence what we all strive for.

We just want to be ourselves, feel accepted, appreciated and loved. To feel connected.

So what I'm proposing, is to form a strong bond with yourself first. Turn inward, learn to listen. Then speak your heart:

When you allow yourself to be your own best friend, your ally and guide, you'll be able to connect with yourself and others on a whole new, deep and genuine level. You'll discover your true strength and potential. You'll be able to experience healing power, joy and fulfillment. It all starts with YOU: your body, your emotions, your spirit and your mind. Be brave enough, honest enough and respectful enough to be YOU. Get out of your OWN way, stay true to yourself and remember:

The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself!

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