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Misery - part of being human

You may see me all happy and sparkly in my videos, on photographs and I'm the creator of the "Breakthrough to the Vibrant, Happy YOU" Program, so you might think that I'm the embodiment of happiness and that spreading joy is my life's work.

And you would be right. I absolutely love my life and I'm a strong believer of the concept that "you've got to practice what you preach".

But let's get REAL guys. I don't want to give the wrong impression here. Life isn't just fun and games, for no one. And even though I'm a psychologist and know perfectly well how to tap into my joy, live a fulfilling life and deal with difficult situations, that doesn't mean I don't get angry, or stressed out or judgmental at times! Psychologists are just people too, you know.

And because we're all human, I don't aspire to teach my clients how to be happy all the time. That's just not possible! It's all about accepting what comes your way, receiving the lessons and doing something valuable with them.

So when we work together towards solutions and you're thinking "oh, that's easy for YOU to say", think again... Chances are I understand very well what you're struggling with. But it's my job not to let you off the hook so easily. You see, I believe in you. I'm excited for you to be able to obtain your goals. And I love being a part of your journey.

If you really, Really, REALLY want something, I KNOW you'll do anything to get it. If you're not clear (enough) about what it is that you really want, if you're not honest enough about your deepest desires, if the fear of change is stronger than the agony of longing for something:

you'll get stuck finding all kinds of excuses and justifications.

So remember, there's always a reason NOT to do something, NOT to pursue your dreams, NOT to take risks and NOT to look outside of your comfort zone. And that's ok! It just means, that you'll live a life of mediocrity. And maybe, later in life, regret the steps you didn't take... So please realize, that this is a choice.

So the minute you start feeling uncomfortable enough to do something about it, if you choose mastery over mediocrity, I want you to ACT on in. It's the only way to get unstuck.

It's ok not to feel ok. But I feel it's not ok to stay that way. So I'm challenging you to do something about it.

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