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What everybody ought to know about perfectionism and it's impact on the world.

Do you feel scared sometimes that whatever you're doing or think of doing won't matter? That you're just one person and unable to make a difference? Who is waiting on your skills, opinions, services, teachings? Do you keep finding excuses to not get involved, not start your business, not speak your mind... Do you keep pushing yourself to be better, know more, gain more experience before you can put yourself out there?

THAT's how perfectionism and low self-esteem are holding you back!

There's nothing wrong with striving to do a really good job, to keep educating and challenging yourself to be better and better at something. BUT, demanding perfection is a ridiculous and wavering attempt of your low self-esteem to keep your ego feel safe from rejection and fiasco's.

Perfection is an illusion. It's an ideal that is not realistic and therefor always doomed to fail.

I want to share something today that really helped me to become more vocal about my vision, more visible online, more real in my personal relationships, more successful in working with my clients.

Whenever you feel too small to make a difference in the world, in someone's life or whatever, think of the importance of bees for our ecosystem. Think of the impact one little tiny mosquito can have. A random mosquito can disrupt your night, leave you feeling exhausted and frustrated and even infect you with a life threatening disease like malaria!

Also, everything in your life is a reflection of YOU: your beliefs, your fears, your energy and vibrations. So think about it for a minute: if you feel too small to make a difference, you will never take the first step towards making any kind of change or contribution. Even if you do attempt to accomplish anything you're likely to fail, because you'll probably just give up when things get hard. This in turn will make you feel dissatisfied, unfulfilled and unhappy with yourself. Chances are you'll get angry at the world and by doing so you'll focus on everything that's wrong and what you didn't accomplish, therefor confirming your original thought that you're just too insignificant to make a difference.

And that simply isn't true! You see, if you believe that you can't do some thing. You're right! Fortunately when you're absolutely confident that you CAN, you're right too.

Think about the difference between these 2 convictions:

I'll never be able's just too hard, who am I to even try?

I just KNOW that I can do this, it's worth the effort and I'm excited to see myself pull that of!

Let me tell you: all this time that you're questioning yourself and hesitating to make a contribution, you could have made that contribution already! So I'm challenging you to just start. Choose your platform and get into action. Because I know from my own experience that it takes just one person hearing or seeing what you have to share, to have an impact on somebody's life. You can't even imagine how you can help others by simply getting out there and spreading your vision, tips, etc.

Ultimately, if you could make a difference in just one person's life, wouldn't that be amazing? And if that person makes a difference in other people's lives? Paying it forward...

So my advice is: don't censor yourself. Defy your fears. Whatever you're doing doesn't have to be perfect to have massive impact. Make yourself heard with all the best intentions , love, compassion and with whole your heart and start making a difference in the world!

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