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Energy shielding methods for highly sensitive people.

If you're an empath, a highly sensitive person or think you might be one, then it's important to know what you can do to protect yourself from any negative energy and how to shield your own energy levels.

Negative energy can reach us in different forms: it can be through our interactions with others, by putting our own needs last or even through toxins in our food and air. Some people are more susceptible than others to these kinds of energies. When you're prone to taking on all kinds of impressions, atmospheres ad toxins, this can translate into bad mood, exhaustion, anxieties, depression, feelings of being overwhelmed, etc.

Sometimes we pick up energies unknowingly, so it's important for those of you who are empaths, myself included, to know how to navigate all of the negative energy floating all around us in our daily lives.

Whether you are an empath or not, negativity can have an influence on your life. Think about co-workers who complain about the company all the time, people that criticize others, tension between estranged family members. Maybe at one time or another you literally felt anger “hanging in the air” when you walked into a room.

Here’s how you can shield yourself from becoming a sponge of negativity:

1) Set boundaries

Whenever you're confronted with overly negative people, just tell them that you're not interested in participating in their complaing-game. If you don't, people will keep using you as a garbage chute leaving you feeling depleted and depressed. It's not your job to help others unload their crap on you. You're not a trash bin!

As an empath, if you don’t maintain healthy boundaries, everyone else’s emotions, problems, and all kinds of impulses from the outside world will seep in and steal your presence. It’s up to you to prevent that!

2) Communicate your needs

When we don't truly feel/know what we need, it's tempting to misdirect our energy. Suppose that you want to spend time with your boyfriend, but what you really need is some quiet time at home. Your boyfriend then gnaws at your energy by talking about his struggles at work or drags you to a busy mall. It's not only important to make the right choices when it comes to your well-being but to also communicate them. It's the only way to stay in control of your energy levels and be able to grow and thrive.

So get in touch with your needs and act on them, whenever you can.

3) Pull back, isolate yourself

As an empath or highly sensitive person it's of up most importance to replenish your drained energy. For most people this works best when they create some time and space to be alone. If this is not really possible, because you're in a mall or at work, go to the bathroom and give yourself 10 minutes to unwind, get in relaxation mode, do some deep breathing exercises, empty your mind and/or do some meditation/mindfulness. This will not only refill your energy levels but also give you the opportunity to get in touch with your needs and, if necessary, set boundaries.

4) Pay attention to what drains you

Besides being highly sensitive you're probably also highly intuitive. Develop this gift to guide you in your choices, social interactions and your life. You can save energy by not engaging in things that drain you.

5) Develop energetic cleansing and protection rituals

As empaths we must cleanse ourselves from the negative energy we pick up during the day. It's like taking a shower to wash off all the toxins and then processing the emotions and impressions underneath.

Here are some examples of cleansing method:

- Going for a walk, getting into nature

- Grounding yourself by standing on grass with your bare feet or doing grounding exercises

- Taking a bath, really pampering yourself with scented candles and essential oils!

- Visualization and meditation

- Detoxing (nutritional, digital)

- Being grateful

Here are some tips to protect yourself:

Visualize a rose bush around you. This will prevent others from getting to close and spilling their negative energy on you (because of the thorns), but you still remain in contact with the outside world. You can see through the beautiful bush after all...

Visualize a small fence between you and the other person.

Nothing neutralizes negativity better than love and compassion. Remember to also treat yourself with compassion!

To your expansion, energy and freedom,



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