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"Not everything can be explained"

I went to my family doctor today. Unintentionally he helped me discover how it's possible we can have physical symptoms that can't be cured. I finally understand what's wrong with our health care system!

You see, doctors are highly educated professionals. We rely on them when we're in pain or distress. Doctors in turn rely on their education and experience. They have a perception of the world, that's limited to the psycho biomedical model at best. Limited? Yes! You see, there are a more factors that can contribute to our sense of well-being. For instance environmental, cultural and spiritual variables. Those are almost never taken into account by traditional doctors.

My doctor simply stated that "not everything (every symptom or illness) can be explained". Well if THAT's your fall back plan, I can see how easy it is to send people home with...........................nothing. It's YOU who can't explain it. It's our current knowledge of the human body that can't explain it. Maybe it's not explicable physically. Maybe we're not able yet or not meant to understand some things yet. But that doesn't mean they CANT't be explained!

It's actually quite reassuring if a doctor can't find anything wrong. But for a lot of people, who want some clarity on what's happening to them and a sense of control to "treat" the problem, it's rather frustrating.

Fortunately there are therapists and healers who do care about fighting a disease, problem or symptom at the origin and getting rid of them: roots and all. That's also what my wellness breakthrough programs are about: finding the root cause of your problems (either physical, emotional, mental or spiritual) and resolving it.

If you'd like help with uncovering the real underlying issues of your struggles, let's schedule a Skype-call (free of charge!) so I can tell you all about the different coaching programs and opportunities I can help you with so you can finally and profoundly take care of your problems!

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