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Frustration as a trigger for personal development

Last few weeks have been awful for me, energy-wise. Even though I'm still in a good place when it comes to joy and feeling grateful, I'm clearly on the verge of breaking through my own internal obstacles and resistance.

So what's going on? Frustration and feeling like the life I'm leading now doesn't fit anymore. Instead of "just dealing" with it and waiting for better times to magically find me, I see this kind of discomfort as an opportunity for healing and growth.

You see, this kind of stress entails a message. It's a signal that something isn't quite right and that it's time to turn inward, make a new plan and take inspired action. I try to do this every time I feel frustrated and I feel this brings me closer and closer to living a fulfilling and happy life.

Since I'm a human being, just like you, I have my own struggles and difficulties to overcome. By sharing my personal journey with you I hope to inspire you to start (or continue) making conscious decisions, taking responsibility for your life and looking after yourself.


For almost a year now I've had a feeling, no, the urge to take some time off for myself. This feeling was growing stronger and stronger. Last week I finally booked a room at a hotel for my personal retreat! I've never done this before and in spite of the loving support of my husband I felt guilty that I was going away for the weekend all by myself. It's not like I want to be away from my dear partner and beloved pets. But I do feel an unstoppable need for reclusion to connect to my inner truth, to write and to work on my coaching programs. No distractions. Just me and beautiful nature surrounding me.

So what I want to share with you today are 2 things:

1) I want to encourage you to truly listen to your gut feeling: it's always right! If you feel the need to do something or to get away from a situation or person, stay true to that inner knowing! You probably already know the difference between intuitively KNOWING something and for instance fear. Those feelings are NOT the same. I'm inviting you to follow up on your instincts.

2) Take time out for yourself. Create a peaceful environment to allow the bond between you, your soul and your body to strengthen. You don't have to run off and rent a cabin in the woods necessarily. But you do need to plan time off (on a regular basis) to align with your passion, purpose and purity.

This Saturday I'm checking in at a hotel in Liempde. This is a village in Brabant, a Province in Holland where my Dutch roots lie. I'm going to write my personal transformational story which started there. I'm gonna go down memory lane and hopefully get tons of inspiration. I feel excited, proud and a little bit nervous. But I just KNOW this is exactly what I need to make the necessary adjustments, keep creating my future and feel great again!

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