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Human nature: a vision of love

Everything in nature co-exists and "goes with the flow". Nature gives, takes, blossoms, endless cycles. Without judgement, without expectations or anger.

We are also part of nature. Yet we've somehow strayed from the path of balance and just "being who we are". We go through our lives like it's our own personal hell and we punish, discard and hate on others to feel slightly less bad. We take or we give excessively. That leaves us depleted, frustrated and depressed.

But you know what? We can change that! We just need to remind ourselves that we're all ONE.

We're not victims of the Universe. We ARE the Universe.

Life happens THROUGH us not TO us.

So what I'm proposing we do, is take the lead in our lives. Center stage, in the bright lights for everyone to see. What I suggest we start doing, is nurture our bodies, minds and souls as the loving gardener who looks after his plants and vegetables. He makes sure they're protected, well cared for and have everything they need to become strong, beautiful and full of fruits.

In my coaching programs this is exactly what you learn to do. You'll become a true leader, the manager of yourself, your mind and therefor your life. You'll learn how to take great care of yourself and this will allow you to blossom and achieve everything you want. Yo'll be able to thrive, despite of (and maybe even thanks to) your past and circumstances. By remembering the love and compassion you ARE, you'll lead a fulfilling life with gratitude, curiosity and joy.

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