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Announcement: the publication of my transformational story in the first issue of "The Missing P

A while ago I submitted a resume of my "transformational story" to an online magazine and it was chosen to be featured in their first issue! Now the article for "The Missing Piece Magazine" (to be launched Jan 17th 2017) is finished and the layout looks amazing! I can't wait to share it with you guys, but we have to be patient for a little while longer :)

Here's a summary of my story, so you know what to expect :)

"My story is about my personal transformation from being a shy, introvert child with lots of anxieties and being chronically ill into a vibrant, strong, healthy, outgoing woman.

My story is about discovering the inner (healing) power that lies in each and every one of us, that we can learn to use. It's about making conscious choices to free myself from the chains of my past and deciding to move forward against my upbringing.

It's a story of how I transformed from being overly adaptive and taking care of everyone else besides me, feeling depressed, using avoidance and dependency as a coping mechanism and being overly serious and responsible at a very young age into a pro active go-getter and inspired entrepreneur.

My transformations are numerous and considered impossible by traditional doctors and psychologists. Yet here I am.

Being a psychologist and coach myself, thriving in spite of struggles, feeling absolutely great an helping people to achieve their optimal wellness.

It's a story of hope, empowerment and freedom!"

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