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Take off what you've put on.

"Sadly, the most valuable things are learned outside of our educational system." - Kinga de Wit

Our school system is hopelessly outdated. We're still judging a fish on its ability to climb a tree. We're putting too much pressure on our youngsters and teaching them how to feel inadequate and not good enough. And let me tell you: it's far easier to raise confident, compassionate children than "unlearning" adults!

My whole practice revolves around helping struggling adults with finding their way back to themselves. It is about reaching inside and reconnecting to their intuition and authentic self. It's something I'm consciously and daily committed to doing myself. It's not easy peeling off layers upon layers of rules, beliefs, convictions, responsibilities and expectations!

Here a some questions you can ask yourself to set your mind free and make a fresh start:

- All is relative, right? If you had been born in another country, to other parents and circumstances, your way of thinking and behaving would be entirely different, right? So it should be possible to take on a new way of being, right? So ask yourself: what do I feel is right? What is my truth? If I had children, what would I be teaching them? (Or what ARE you teaching them?) What is truly important to me?

- What thoughts are weighing me down? Turn them around!

- If I were talking to a 5-year old child who asked about the possibilities in life. What would I tell him/her? What do I wish people had told me?

- If my inner child I were a precious little baby again and it was up to me to love, nurture, guide and cherish it, how would I do that?

Answering these questions will alert you to your own issues with self-worth and freedom of thought. They will help you with becoming more aware of the opportunities you have to be who you really are. There's no greater freedom than realizing you're an amazing human being, a beautiful soul and a powerful creator.

It's time for change! It's time to teach our children useful skills. It's time to guide them through life's lessons: how to do taxes, how to be of service, how to master their lives, how to follow their intuition and lead meaningful lives. And it's time to truly listen to THEM! Children are intuitively connected to the collective wisdom. It's a shame we lose the ability to feel connected while growing up. We are here to explore, learn, create and have fun while doing all that. Life is a playground. Stop turninig it into a battlefield.

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