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What do you want?

We're close to the magical threshold of January 15th. This is the date by which most of the New Year's Resolutions have already been forsaken. It means, that the people who had set their goals for 2017 and felt really motivated and hyped up to start this year fresh and with good intentions, have already thrown in the towel!

Because this is a well-known phenomenon to almost every one of us, most people don't even bother to make resolutions! After all: who likes to feel disappointed with themselves, right?

So my reason for mentioning goal-setting NOW is to help you follow through, restart and motivate you to go back to the drawing board. Because goals are important!

Why? Because without them you'll:

- find yourself at the mercy of daily events

- tend to feel victimized by others, the Universe, life itself

- be likely to feel unfulfilled

- feel purposeless.

To be able to set goals you first need to find out what it is you actually want! Now I want to invite you to ponder this question: how do I want to FEEL? It's beside the scope of this article to get into detail about goal-setting, but this first tip I really want to share with you here: happiness doesn't come from obtaining things outside of ourselves. It can't be found in materialistic goals, in others, in status, power nor control. To get what you want, you need to feel as if it's already yours. So hence the question: what do you want to FEEL?

In the next article we'll go deeper into the topic of goal setting. It's also an extensive theme in my program and while working with me. But for now, let's focus on some tips to help you stay motivated.

- Remember the promise you made

Resolutions and goals are promises you've made. If you don't follow through on them, you're breaking a promise. That doesn't feel good, because it affects your feeling of integrity: if you say you're gonna do something, it's important to actually do it (there are exceptions obviously). If you don't hold yourself accountable on your own pledges, you're letting yourself down and therefor enhancing and prolonging any negative beliefs about yourself you might have (and who doesn't?).

- You're the creator of your life

Creating it? Yes. Deliberately. It is possible to stop living by default and start living a life by design. And I mean that literally! Whether you're conscious and aware of it or not, your thoughts, actions and decisions shape your reality. Your most predominant thoughts determine what shows up for you. It's crucial to take control of your mind to be able to create the life you want. Thinking about what it is you want and developing daily habits and persistence in obtaining them, is key.

- Take the lead

Following the statement above, if you don't take control of your life, your EGO (mind) and your old patterns WILL! That means you'll keep repeating the past and stay in a survival mode for the rest of your life, since survival is the only task of your mind. It's meant to keep you safe and alive. Nothing more. You''ll be constantly reacting to events that happen. By taking the lead in life, you'll be able to change your future (and I propose for the better!).

- Take FULL responsibility

You may not want to hear this, but the logical conclusion following what we discussed so far, is that setting goals and committing to them means you're responsible for the outcome. If you want to change something in your life, it's up to you and you alone.

- Be passionate about your goals

It's best to have goals that spark your passion. As long as they pull you towards them and you have strong enough reasons to follow through on them, you will! Will-power is not enough when you're fighting against old habits and "the easy way". You'll need to yearn for the change. Feel the hunger, the necessity. It will help you succeed. I'm here to show and teach you how. With tons of free information, inspiration and support. Please feel free to follow me on FaceBook, join my private group or subscribe to my newsletter to stay on top of everything I have to offer!

When you feel like that's not enough (anymore) and you want specialized, personal and tailored guidance, let's talk about how we could work together!

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