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From "wanting" to "doing".

Last week my FaceBook page was themed around the question "what do you want"? An important question, since knowing what you want, is the first step towards reaching your goals. But there's a catch...

Since I'm committed to showing you quick and simple ways to drastically improve your life, it's imperative that I share with you some tips to get better results when it comes to manifesting what you want.

Our thoughts create our reality. It's beside the scope of this article to explain exactly how this works and provide you with scientific proof for it (if you're interested in knowing more, please feel free to browse the internet), so let met give you a few examples I feel you might relate to:

Imagine a child that grows up with strict parents who's main focus is succeeding in life by accomplishing great things and have a successful career. These parents might criticize and push this child. Nothing the child does is ever "good enough".

In this example this child might end up fearing failure and feeling not good enough. This then becomes his or her programming. What kind of life do you think a person with the core belief "I am a loser" or "I'm not good enough" will have?

Well actually, there are 2 possible scenario's. Either the child just gives up, because "I'll never be able to meet my parent's expectations, so why even bother to try". Or... the child grows up to be overbearing, sometimes ruthless in the desire to succeed. The consequences of this behavior can be for example: anxiety, burn-out, depression, failed relationships.

That's how our thoughts, our beliefs, the things we are thinking on a day-to-day basis, shape our lives.

Another great example of mindset at work is the following: people who have always struggled financially and win the lottery... end up losing all that money and fast! On the other hand, people who accumulated riches and lost it, find a way to make millions of dollars again in no-time!

There are several studies of successful people. Napoleon Hill for instance, is an influential author who researched and wrote about corresponding behaviors of successful people. The thing that they all have in common? Mindset! A winner's mentality backed with persistent action.

This isn't rocket science! Learning how to use principles of success is easy! It's easy to do and it's very easy NOT to do...

The choice is, as always, yours! If you truly believe that you are worthy of a better life, then all it takes is commitment to actually achieve it.

So what's the catch? It's thinking about "what you want" and marinating in the feeling of "not having it (yet)". It's about the words you use and what you focus on. If you focus on lack, you'll create more lack. If you keep living on auto-pilot, without paying attention to yourself and your desires, you'll just keep recreating the past.

To really start working towards what you want, here's a simple recipe for you to follow:

- Think about what you want. Or think about the things you're unhappy with and like to see changed.

- Translate it into (SMART) goals, using words like "I choose to, I welcome in, I'm committed to"...

- Become aware of your thoughts and change negative beliefs into positive ones.

- Take inspired, consistent action!

Yes, there's (sometimes) more to it. I pay much attention to gaining clarity and setting goals when working with clients. But these are the basics, an overview, if you will. Enjoy taking steps forward and I'd love to hear how that goes!

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