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Change vs. Evolution

Have you noticed how sometimes all bad things seem to happen at once? People often times go through drastic changes. The question is: why? And what do they do with or about them?

You see, change is inevitable. Everything around us is energy. Energy vibrates and moves. And is therefor ever changing.

When we feel stuck, we resist the natural course of things. We don't allow things to go their own way.We "don't go with the flow" and don't welcome change in.

Change is scary for a lot of people. It means they have to move out of their comfort zone. What they don't realize is, that staying in their comfort zone for the rest of their life, is not an option! We are here to learn and to grow. And that happens outside of our comfort zone! So life will always find ways to challenge us or give us a (not so subtle) nudge in a new direction.

I've heard numerous stories about dramatic changes people felt forced to go through. Only to find out, that something better was waiting for them. In my own life I've learned to accept that things not always go "my way". I've also learned to trust that they always work out for my highest good. By thinking about my life's purpose, evaluating the path I was on and setting goals that were aligned with my inner guidance system. You see: the choice is ours. Even though we're supposed to grow because of certain experiences, it's up to us how much suffering is involved. Besides our predestined and carefully orchestrated life-lessons we also have free will, remember? So setting goals, pursuing our dreams and having fun while doing all that, is our birth right!

My invitation to you is to stop resisting the Universal Laws. Allow yourself to grow, to evolve.Embrace those changes and see them as a big adventure. They are a chance for you to reevaluate your life, set new goals for yourself and finally live a life full of purpose and meaning. And that's kinda important if you want to feel happy...

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