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A heart as big as the world (my personal mission)

Growing up, I experienced a multitude of stressors: chronic pain, illness, abuse, my parent's divorce, adversity, almost dying, family troubles, moving to a different country, not getting along with my stepdad, being bullied, sexual assaults, emotional turmoil, etc.

I witnessed the devastating effects of alcoholism, yelling/shouting/slamming doors, and suicide attempts first hand.

But the single hardest thing for me to endure was loneliness.

Feeling unseen, unsafe, unimportant, neglected, and misunderstood.

Thankfully there were other times I felt the complete opposite!

But I remember this ONE instance... I must have been around 11... I felt so utterly alone...

I DECIDED then and there that NO ONE (especially no child) should ever have to feel that way. And that I was going to show others that, no matter what, they are loved. That there is at least one person in the world who truly cares about them. ME.

I wanted to shout that out for the world to know. The desire to spread love ignited a fiery passion inside me. It helped me survive and thrive. That passion has become my mission.

I have been carrying out that mission in numerous ways. The biggest way to do that was becoming a psychologist and showing people that I care about their well-being. Sometimes even more than they do themselves!

Now... I'm still growing, evolving, expanding... and coming back full circle.

I'm gonna focus on LOVE even more.

The more we experience love and compassion for ourselves and others...

The more we heal the inner child with love, devotion, acceptance, respect, and positive attention...

The more connected we'll feel.

The more inner power we'll be able to harness.

We'll be able to move past limitations, change our perspective, take charge of our emotions, and make better choices.

Through loving ourselves we'll love others more deeply.

By appreciating our own nature more, we'll be able to experience more richness and fulfillment.

I really want that for us all. And I know it's already there for all of us.

We just need to choose it and allow it in.

No matter how cold the world outside is. We can warm it with the power of our hearts.

In gratitude for your presence,

sending you love and light,



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