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Chronic health issues: all in your mind? How our mind affects our body.

When I first meet with clients who suffer from chronic pain/fatigue/mental or physical ailments, they often tell me how disappointed they are with their body.

It has let them down and they think it cannot be trusted. They've lost faith in their body and often feel forsaken altogether. What do you think the result of this kind of thinking will be?

My clients are fighters.

Giving up is not an option. Accepting „what is” already reeks of defeat. They push through their pain and exhaustion. They are driven by anger and frustration. They think that life's unfair and that they have no control over it. Meanwhile their bodies not only take the beating and the blame, they are also taken out of the decision-making process. The body is treated as a no-good, disposable liability that just needs to shut up and obey.

Often times, they've consulted a lot of different doctors and therapist, who all seemed to know what's best for them, without truly understanding the complexity of their ailments.

My clients have heard it all before: it's all in your mind, learn to live/cope with it, listen to your body, ignore it, exercise, rest, your nervous system is overly sensitive, etc. I'm not claiming they're wrong. I just want to remind you, that your body is your business and your health is your responsibility. Because, in the case of chronic health issues, healing and curing are two different things, and your doctor probably won't be able to do either for you. You're the only one who can even attempt to try!

Have you ever heard the phrase „don't shoot the messenger”?

When it comes to chronic health issues, this is exactly what often happens: both the client and the therapist/doctor are frustrated with the body instead of actually listening to the underlying message that it wants to reveal.

But what if your body is actually trying to help you?

What if it wants you to see the truth about your heart's desires and for instance the job or relationships you've chosen for yourself? What if it wants you to adjust your direction in life, because the path you're on right now is not in your best interest? What if it wants you to sit still for a while and reconnect with yourself? What if it tries to draw your attention to unprocessed experiences or emotions that need to be healed? What if your body wants you to take better care of yourself physically, nutritionally, emotionally, spiritually? What if your body is translating what's hidden from you in your subconscious mind or your soul? Wouldn't it be beneficial for you both to at least consider these options before you go off on a rant and start hating on your body again?

You see, what we believe (about our health) basically comes true.

Positive #beliefs about our health can support our healing journey (placebo effect), while negative beliefs can harm our health (nocebo effect). That's how powerful our mind is! That doesn't mean that we are to blame for our own misfortune. Blame would mean that we willingly and deliberately chose that situation for ourselves. And that (probably) isn't true. But I do believe that we can learn to use our mind to heal our lives and our body. And if we reprogram ourselves and change the relationship we have with ourselves, our body won't have to scream at us as much anymore.

So what if we were to turn it all around?

What if we turned the focus within and remembered that the human body has the capacity to heal itself? What if we said „my body needs to learn to trust ME again” instead of the opposite? How about shifting our mindset and not looking to others for fixing us?

So let me ask you right now: what are your beliefs around your health?

Do you believe that the mind can influence the body? That the body has the ability to repair itself? Do you know (of) someone who was able to recover from a chronic illness? If you think you don't, think again! The author of this very article is an expert from experience on resolving chronic health issues through the mind-body connection. I was able to heal myself and since then it has become my mission to help others do the same.

But beware: I cannot promise you anything.

I can't heal nor cure you. I'm here to guide my clients to self-awareness, to help them breakthrough blocks and restrictions, and to switch on their self-healing ability. And yes: there ARE countless so-called incurable cases known and documented where people survived life-threatening health conditions against all odds, but we can't FORCE ourselves to health. Actually, fighting is even counterproductive! You see, in order for the body to work on its recovery it needs to be relaxed. In stressful times it's simply preoccupied with other things!

If you're struggling with physical or mental symptoms of your own, this is what I'm proposing: start forging an alliance with your body.

Speak kindly to it. Find someone to assist you on your healing journey. Heal the story of your past. Remove the blocks and restrictions that might prevent your body from recovering. Surround yourself with loved ones and pay attention to your own needs. Love yourself and your body. Ask yourself: what is my body trying to tell me, what does it need? It often communicates through metaphors. If you get an answer: act on it. If you don't: accept what is in that moment. (You can also check out the Body Alliance Coaching Program.)

I understand that sometimes you'll be too tired or in too much pain to even think straight.

You might not have the energy to sit still and meditate. You may feel it's hopeless, you may not even believe that what I'm saying could be possible. Just please, don't give up on yourself and try to pay attention to your own inner wisdom.

You can decide right here, right now: no more.

No more fighting, wallowing in self-pity and victim mindset. Recognize how powerful you are and be kind to yourself. The more aligned you get with your purpose and inner truth, the more free, happy, and healthy you will feel. Your well-being is the result of your state of mind and the relationship with yourSelf.

#Healing from within is loving yourself unconditionally and embracing ALL of you.

It means relying on yourself and trusting your inner guidance system. So ultimately, it's all about #MINDSET. Mindset also plays a huge role in our self-esteem. But that's a topic we're gonna explore next month...

Xx Kinga.

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