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Coronavirus - What if we actually need it?

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

I tried, I REALLY tried. I thought I could resist the need to talk about the whole situation around the "Coronavirus outbreak". But inside I felt the call to speak out grow stronger every day.

What I'm about to write about this topic is meant as a nudge to review things for yourself. And to ask yourself the question: What if Fear is the enemy and LOVE the answer?

My point of view is by no means "the truth". It's an invitation to investigate. I want to provide you with information that could potentially change your life for the better.

It's my job and second nature to ask questions. And to help others with my discoveries. So I share what I've come to believe. This obviously might change over time, but for now, I'd like to think that what I have to say might be of great value to my readers. The purpose, or mission if you will, being:

I want to help keep the conversation about our health, responsibility, and personal power going.

And just to be clear: it's not my intention to provide you with medical information or tips or to evoke rebellion against measures from the government. I DO want to question THE IDEA that we're these vulnerable creatures that can succumb to random threats lurking at us from the shadows and awaiting us around every corner.

I simply don't believe that this is the case. In fact, I feel it's really disempowering to think that way.

My life's and professional experiences led me to believe that everything happens for a reason and that we're the creators of our own reality. So for me it's not even logical to think that on the one hand we're powerful enough to make amazing things happen, recover from the greatest setbacks and even come back from the dead and, on the other hand, fall victim to invisible, tiny threats like viruses. It just doesn't compute.

In my world, optimal wellness is reached by these 3 pillars: love-heal-connect.

Not fear, vulnerability, and isolation.

This Corona-virus pandemic paranoia madness IS THE TIME to truly feel into your own God-given compass. You KNOW your truth. It's your nature to instinctively feel what's right for you. And I can tell you right now, that FEAR isn't it. It's actually the only thing that's really contagious.

Fear-inducement has nothing to do with the reality of things.

It's just an interpretation. A narrative.

A profitable one!!

But what if the lack of trust in ourselves, in our inner-knowing and the abilities of our body to do what it's designed to do, is one of the key ingredients that provides breeding ground for all kinds of illnesses?

Your body has the ability to fight off "intruders" and it's able to heal from nearly EVERYTHING. You don't have to believe me: just research for yourself. Or think back on all those times you've healed: how many times an external intervention was necessary? And even then, did the doctors that helped you not rely on your body's ability to heal itself and recover from the intervention? Nobody is able to heal you. Only you can do that. Sometimes with a little support and help. But that's it.

So let's go back to this "dangerous virus" that has a hold the world.

We are constantly surrounded by bacteria and so-called viruses. We have always been able to co-exist with them. So if we're exposed to them on a daily basis and we're not getting sick from them ALL THE TIME, what changed?

Well, some people might say: this is a new disease. We're not used to fighting this off and we need to build up herd immunity before we're able to co-exist with it.

Sounds logical, right? As far as I know this is just BS.


Because the medical world, that follows the "germ theory" by Louis Pasteur has it al backwards. They confused correlation with causality. They've found something to blame for people getting sick and they could prescribe pills and treatments for.

Did you know there is another theory? One that, in my book, makes much more sense? This is the idea, that it's not these little bugs and viruses that are making us sick. It's the other way around: we do not catch diseases, we build them (Antoine Bechamp). People who are already sick, provide a nutritious environment for bacteria. And when even the bacteria can't keep up with the cleaning activities (!) the body creates a virus (which in fact, isn't alive, it's merely made of protein chains) to help with the cleaning activities. So these dangerous, so-called intruders, are actually helping us.

So, could it be that there are other factors at play here? That maybe, just maybe, it's not the virus that is making us sick?

And that viruses can only thrive and become active under certain conditions and in a specific environment?

What if this global pandemic is actually teaching us an important lesson?

I believe the virus isn't the thing that's : fear is! Fear weakens the immune system and is capable of attracting the very thing you're scared of, which in turn can lead to complications (in vulnerable populations) like pneumonia and, in extreme cases, death.

What if this means, that we're scared to death? Life plays out what we believe.

So what are you DYING to avoid?

What if we changed and maintained a healthy environment?? What if we cultivated love and stopped the fear??

Wouldn't that be enough to prevent the virus from "getting hold of us"? Isn't it worth at least trying? And of course we can do all the sensible things like washing our hands and maintaining a good hygiene, in and out. I'm all FOR that. But I also wish everyone a peace of mind. The knowledge I obtained through years of research and experimenting on myself (I had a lot of physical issues and I was able to heal them ALL with food and/or mindset ALONE) gives me clarity, faith and inner peace. I want that for everybody.

So this is the time to spread love and awareness, and asking questions. To me, freedom is our greatest and highest, most holy fundamental right. Inducing fear is a great way to bind large groups of people and control them. People hand over their right to freedom willingly, blindly and naively when scare tactics work. Think about that. It's all I'm asking.

You can still comply with the government's call to work from home, avoid physical contact, etc WITHOUT buying into the fear. You can CHOOSE to obey AND rely on your immune system and the strength and healing abilities of your body. But please, do yourself and all of us a favor and never stop to think for yourself, feel if things resonate with you, and make conscious decisions.

Sending you love, light and wisdom,


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