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Embracing Freedom: Breaking Free from Self-Made Prisons

Updated: May 23, 2023


A deep-seated desire for freedom lies within everyone of us. A lot of us long to extend our wings, travel across life's unexplored regions, and take advantage of the limitless opportunities that lie ahead of us. But more often than not, we find ourselves trapped in prisons we've created for ourselves. In this blog we'll explore the idea of the spirit being free and the reasons why we frequently barricade ourselves inside the boundaries we build for ourselves. Most importantly, we'll look at how to find the confidence to free ourselves and set out on a liberating path of self-discovery.

The Free Spirit's Essence

At the center of each of us is a free spirit that longs to be fully expressed. It is an uncontrollable force that longs to be liberated from restrictions and the chains of convention. This essence represents who we really are, what we truly want in life. Knowing what a free spirit is all about enables us to see the immense potential that resides within us.

The Illusion of Limitation - Self-Made Prisons

We frequently discover ourselves imprisoned within cages we have built for ourselves out of our own beliefs, anxieties, and social conditioning. These cages take the form of self-imposed restrictions that limit our development and keep us from truly embracing our freedom. We construct walls around ourselves in order to defend ourselves from perceived threats because we fear rejection, criticism, and the unknown.

Lack of awareness

One of the main reasons we live in prisons that we have built for ourselves, is that we are not aware of the fact that we do! We are led to feel that we must adhere to specific standards by society's norms and expectations, which serve to further reinforce the illusion of constraint. As long as we don't know any better, we continue on this path of people pleasing an fulfilling other people's expectations, ignoring our Soul's calling.

Fear and Resistance

Fear significantly contributes to keeping us imprisoned. We can become paralyzed and stop following our aspirations if we are afraid of failing, being rejected, or moving outside of our comfort zones. As we cling to familiarity and the appearance of security, our fear of change and the unknown also plays a role in our captivity.

The Call to Freedom

The first step toward escaping the cages we have created for ourselves is to awaken to a deep inner calling, to the knowledge that we were created for something greater. It serves as a call to action to reclaim our power, confront our limiting thoughts, and embrace the bravery to venture into the uncharted. We go on a life-changing path of self-discovery and liberation as a result of this call to freedom.

Embracing Freedom

Freeing Your Inner Spirit To accept freedom, we must first examine our own restrictions, confront the ideas that limit us, and step out of our comfort zones. We must develop self-awareness, exercise self-compassion, and muster the courage to take inspired action if we are to achieve this. We may progressively tear down the walls of our prisons by engaging in activities like mindfulness, self-reflection, and personal development.


Although the spirit is naturally free, we frequently find ourselves entrapped by self-made rules and restrictions. But we have the power to break out of these confines and realize the limitless potential that lies inside us. We may free ourselves and set out on a transforming journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and authentic living by realizing the illusion of limitation, fostering self-awareness, and embracing the bravery to venture outside our comfort zones. It is time to live a life free of self-imposed prisons and to embrace our freedom!

To your happiness, expansion and freedom,

love, Kinga.

Wellness in Mind - Embracing Freedom: Breaking Free from Self-Made Prisons

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