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HSP as a powerful quality

My HSP has provided me with a mission, passion for my work of helping others, and make heartfelt decisions.

I can be triggered, moved to tears, and feel hurt by other people's misery.

I can feel extremely helpless when faced with (animal) cruelty and human stupidity.

I'm sensitive to masked and suppressed emotions in others.

I react strongly to the "wrong" foods, environments, and other toxins.

I have a strong relationship with my body.

And I can sense bullshit: someone might be crying their eyes out and I will know if their feelings are "genuine" or that they are "just playing victim". I see through the programming of our current society and I can arm myself against manipulation, BECAUSE I'm so sensitive to it.

I come from a culture with great temperament. Where people talk about something that upset them or others as if they are reliving that very moment time and time again. I can be very expressive in the way I talk, but never to that extent. It's just not worth my energy...

You see, I've come to realize that it's a natural talent of mine to be detached from other people's

problems, even though I'm an empath. That's really important in my field of work. Imagine if I carried other people's problems around with me all the time! No, I've learned a long time ago to set boundaries so I don't absorb other people's energies (as much) and how not to make other people's problems my own.

Many of my clients have heard me say that it was important for them to make the distinction between their own feelings and other people's feelings and to leave responsibilities where they belong.

I didn't always recognize this talent. I even judged it and felt like there was something wrong with me. I was raised to be attentive and care about others. To cater to other people's needs... That only added to my sensitivity. I became a people pleaser and I learned to tune into other people's emotions even more.

Since then I've come to realize that whatever I feel (or don't feel!) is perfectly ok. I know I can use my intuitive gifts when I want to and shut them off when I need rest or some time for myself. I know I have to take myself and my energy into account. That I can prepare myself to be in a crowded area or listen to loud music at a festival or on stage.

Being highly sensitive, an empath and a projector, growing up in a stressful environment, this was no easy task! It was a journey from adapting in order in order to survive to finding my way back to ME.

And that's why I can assure you, that whatever comes natural to you, is the real you. It's a talent, a skill, that you've probably been rehearsing for lifetimes already. It's time to stand in your power by embracing your true self and stepping into the gifts that your ancestors helped make available to you.

If you'd like some encouragement or support in that are,

I'm here for you.

Wellness in Mind - HSP as a powerful quality

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