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I Want You to Get Excited About Your Life!

Heart centered, aligned living, relationships & business.

Money flowing easily.

Gratitude, joy, spiritual practice.


I love life.

I love helping people.

I love for them feeling seen and heard.

Sometimes for the first time in their life!

That's where my passion to give a voice to all the

relationships in our lives comes from.

To forge an alliance with

your body

infant/child/inner child


your business

your home





I've always had conversations with things.

As a child I believed my dolls and stuffed animals had feelings.

I still treat them with respect and talk to them!

I say "goodbye see you soon" to my house when I leave.

I express gratitude to my car for getting me safely to where I wanted to go.

I say thank you and goodbye to clothes I throw away.

I talk lovingly to my plants.

I'm deeply grateful for everyone and everything in my life.

Yes, even the "problems" that I see as lessons.

I'm in awe with how beautifully nature works.

I'm experiencing childlike wonder to this day.

Because I CHOOSE TO.

I allow myself to dream and see magic in the world.

And that's the light, the vibe, the "virus" I want to spread.

To share my enthusiasm for life with YOU.

You deserve to live wholeheartedly too.

I know how impossible this may seem when all you seem to experience

is pain and suffering.

I know what being hurt feels like.

I know it's not easy to keep an open and positive attitude.

To work through your shadows and face your traumas.

But I also know it's SO WORTH IT.

To make that change.

To shift your awareness.

To lift your spirits.

To truly heal.

And then "keep your vibe high".

I'm here for you.

If you're willing to take a leap of faith.

Human to human.

Heart to heart.

Soul to soul.

Because I LOVE YOU.

In gratitude for your presence,

sending you love and light,



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