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The Recovering Psychologist – From Master to Magic.

Growing up, all I wanted to do was help people. I was a great listener, analyzer, and problem solver. Even when I was a young child adults came to me for advice and valued my opinion. All my life it has been natural for me to have others open up to me and trust me almost instantly. Unsurprisingly, my biggest dream was to become a psychologist.

Fast forward to the present. I have been able to reach my goal of becoming a psychologist, with a glorious "Master of Science" title to match. At 40 I already have 14+ years of working in the field under the belt. Psychology has brought me a lot when it comes to my professional foundation. And although I LOVE working in this field, being a psychologist is only part of the story I want to tell you.

You see, I come from a long line of witches as I lovingly call them. Also known as ladies who were spiritually gifted. I inherited this legacy from both parents and even have 25% Gypsy blood running through my veins. And I love that! From a young age I've been fascinated by fairytales and especially witchcraft and sorcery. I enjoyed dressing up as a (good) witch and even had my own book of spells. When I grew older I secretly wished I could somehow incorporate magic into my work and life. And I did!

Imagine the following if you will... 18 years of progressing and debilitating lower back pain from a falling accident trauma. Suffering through everything: sitting, lying down, exercising... Visiting therapists twice a year at first to almost weekly years later. And beautiful afternoon...POOF! GONE! Completely. Never to return again.

Or how about observing instant pain relief in a fibromyalgia patient? Or resolving allergies, fatigue, and Candida overgrowth with food? Or not catching a cold in spite of major flu epidemics running amok?

Being able to help your scared and screaming child by energetically cleansing their room? Finally getting out of financial problems by using crystals and Feng Shui?

Feeling grateful and happy even in the middle of trying and stressful times. Loving life despite of many adversities. Synchronicities, manifesting miracles, being guided, understanding the messages of your body and seeing circumstances fall into place like pieces of a puzzle.

To me, those are miracles. True, real-life magical occurrences. And I happen to specialize in them.

Have you ever experienced something impossible or miraculous? Something like a spontaneous recovery from a terminal illness, the disappearance of chronic symptoms, amazing coincidences, knowing something you can't explain, the feeling of being guided and supported...? I have. Witnessing, observing, experiencing and learning about such occurrences has made my life truly wonderful. Also, it transformed me from working as a psychologist to being a healer. It has given me a purposeful career, meaningful relationships, and a profound understanding of my mission on earth.

Thanks to my spiritual background and upbringing I have always been interested in the paranormal. I was known for that. Clients that were highly sensitive or paranormally gifted were instantly referred to me. In my presence they could finally let their guard down. They felt and knew that I was “different”. I could relate to them and understand them. I never depicted them as being crazy or psychotic. And let me assure you: there's a pretty straight forward line between being paranormally gifted and being psychotic! And even then one should be vert careful labeling something like visions and illusions as "figments of imagination" or signs of an illness or "a mind playing tricks".

After everything I have experienced on my personal healing journey, I can honestly say that I think psychology, as it is today, falls short in its view of human behavior en well-being. Thankfully, more and more of my colleagues are waking up. They are breaking free from the restrictive and artificial restraints of protocols and scientific limitations and are starting to follow a more heartfelt, intuitive path. They are considering new explanations for deviant behavior and exploring matters of the soul more and more. In fact: this is what psychology initially intended to do! Psychology literally means: study of the SOUL.

Additionally, I've found that good nutrition, meditation, our environment, spiritual practice, body-oriented therapies, natural remedies and healing modalities AS WELL AS mindset are crucial cornerstones to our mental AND physical health. They are all equally important and interact with each other. Any problems with our well-being thus stem from disbalances in and between these parts that make up our constitution. And we (often) have the power to influence them. Hence “Holistic Wellness Coaching” was born. And I'm astounded by the results that my clients are getting from this combination of my earth bound skills and intuitive gifts.

I have always been an incurable optimist. I'm convinced that optimal wellness is attainable for everybody. I believe we already have all the answers, all the solutions to our problems within ourselves. And that we can heal ourselves provided that we learn how to ignite our self-healing abilities and we're lovingly supported by our tribe of friends, family, and healers. I am able to look beyond the human drama and see the spirit, the potential of my clients. I also know that people can be healed at core level, even if psychology sometimes dismisses this opportunity. My personal transformational journey is almost too far fetched to believe and even considered impossible by “scientific data”. Yet here I am. And I've learned to trust my instincts more than protocols. Simply because even though problems are universal, people are unique. And they need a personalized approach when it comes to healing from within. Also: I believe in miracles. The best gifts I can provide my clients with are empowerment, practical tools, and hope.

So today I'm inviting you, the reader, to open up to the magic of the world. To look for proof of the impossible instead of closing yourself off in disbelieve. As much as “seeing=believing” the opposite is just as true. When faced with day-to-day distractions we tend to get in survival-mode and forget the playful, childlike wonderment that makes our lives magical. We suppress our emotions, judge our bodies and shield away our spiritual guidance.

So let me ask you:

How can we lead fulfilling lives without aligning ourselves with our purpose and Highest Good?

How can we help a child with night terrors that has been through the traditional system and couldn't be helped if we don't acknowledge, consider, and check for the possibility of entities that might be scaring him in his room?

How can we cure people with complex, chronic physical and mental issues that have been turned inside out by doctors and therapists with no mentionable result, without teaching them to listen to their bodies?

How can we make sense of our lives, our human experience, without looking at the bigger picture?

My answer is: we can't!

My personal physical and emotional issues helped me get on a path of holistic healing and magnificent results. I am finally ready to proudly step in my ancestor's footsteps. As a modern-day witch I'm here to free you from spells and bounds, help you clear blocks and limitations, and remind you of YOUR personal power. You can count on me to guide you to confidence, self-love and YOUR inner voice. I'm the coach that holds space for YOUR Magic.

In gratitude for your presence,

sending you love and light,



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