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The root causes of money issues and how to overcome them.

How are you doing financially? How would you describe your relationship with money? Do money issues cause suffering in your life? Have you ever attempted to change your financial situation? Did it work? If it did I would love to hear more about it so we can share your tips with the world! If it didn't, you're probably in need of new/improved strategies and that's what this article is all about.

People who are struggling financially often find themselves in a downward spiral, inspite of their efforts to make sensible choices and save money. Interestingly: the more they try to hold on to money, the worse their situation seems to get. In contrast: people who are used to having money, seem to attract wealth and abundance effortlessly. And have you ever heard about what tends to happen to people who win the lottery? Most of them end up (financially) where they were before fairly quickly... Rather peculiar right? Let's dive into this curious phenomenon!

It's my experience and observation that money issues are (almost) never really about money. They are about: unclear goals, mindset, energy blocks and/or problems with our self-worth.

You see, our outside world is a reflection of our inner world, especially of our beliefs and emotions. Additionally, you might already know, that „energy flows where attention goes”. It means that when we get super focused on something (like money problems) it tends to grow and enhance. So it is my conviction, that the root cause of any financial issues you might be experiencing is your #MINDSET.

Let me explain: the Law of Attraction states, that „like attracts like”. We are like giant magnets that attract what we're a vibrational match to. So we can't change our financial situation for the better from a point of lack, limitation, and suffering. And let's face it: when we want more money, we tend to focus on and emphasize what isn't there. As a result we create more of what we don't have. So it's INSIDE where things need to shift!

And this is good news! It means we can learn how to improve our (financial) situation, no matter how bad it might be right now. We just need to do it consciously, deliberately, and clear whatever's standing in the way. So before you decide to take on yet another job, try even harder or give up altogether, consider working on your #beliefs.

Obviously, when you're in a financial crisis, the acuteness of your situation needs to be addressed first. Once you've done that, here are some tips for you to start working towards financial freedom:

The first thing you need to address are any blocks, restrictions, and limitations of your early programming you might have. This means changing your core beliefs, your blueprint, that you've been carrying around in your subconscious mind for years and that largely determine how you're living your life. To get rid off anything that might be preventing you from allowing abundance into your life, you need to dig deep, acknowledge and HEAL unprocessed emotions, experiences and fear.

Here's a tip to get you started: think back on the way you were raised and how your parents handled money. What convictions around money did you pick up in your childhood and maybe later in life? Write them down and work through them by feeling the energy of the beliefs, forgiving yourself and others and letting go.

Here are some examples of what you may encounter during your self-examination: the idea that rich people are bad people, you feeling unworthy of success and luxury, the idea that it's unsafe to have money or that you have to work hard for your money.

After processing and working through these beliefs, challenge them (Are they factual truths? Why not?) and turn them into positive affirmations („It is safe for me to have money.”).

After you've worked through the blocks, got rid of the weeds, and nourished the soil of your mind's garden, you can start sowing new seeds. One thing I warmly recommend is incorporating a gratitude journal and affirmations into your morning routine. If you'd like some additional tips on how to do that, you're very welcome to take my FREE Morning Ritual course. You can find it here.

Find out if you have a problem with receiving money/love/help. Most of my clients are great at dreaming and formulating what they want. But they are not ready or even unwilling to receive what they're asking for! Sometimes due to their upbringing and beliefs, but sometimes it's because of fear. Receiving what we want challenges us to become the person we need to be in order to be able to handle the riches/wealth/success/etc! This is such a huge problem for a lot of people, especially for spiritual entrepreneurs, that I even wrote an E-book about it. You can order it here.

When using visualizations it's important to feel into them. Make your dream goal IRRESISTIBLE. Feel how you imagine yourself feeling right after getting everything you want. Emotions fuel your desire and help you get into to vibration of having it NOW (hence, making it easier to attract).

Be true to yourself and follow your bliss. How good you are aligned with your purpose and practice self-love is reflected by your bank account. Yes, I know, it's easier said than done, but I thought it was important to mention.

Also, the language you use for your internal dialogue is crucial. For instance: use „I'm getting”, „I'm ready to receive”, „I'm open to...” instead of „I want”. Use phrases that are positive, believable and in the now.

Watch the video for some additional information and fun tips!

So ultimately, it's all about MINDSET. This is also a lesson we're going to dive into even deeper next month! For now: please stop worrying and remember: while money issues might be your reality now, it doesn't have to stay that way!

Xx Kinga.

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