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Unlocking Emotional Wounds & Trauma: A Journey Toward Embodied Healing

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Embodied trauma healing is a powerful and effective approach to helping you heal from traumatic experiences. It is based on the understanding that emotional wounds and trauma can be stored in the body and the mind. By utilizing a variety of therapeutic modalities, such as movement, touch, breathwork, guided meditation, energy work, and mindfulness, embodied trauma healing can help you heal old wounds and release stored trauma from the body and mind.

Our bodies hold the memories of our experiences, both emotionally and physically. They are stored as sensations, images, and feelings in the form of “body armor.” This body armor can become a barrier to our natural healing process. Through embodied healing practices, we can learn to reconnect with our bodies, become more aware of the physical and emotional sensations stored within, and release them.

Embodied trauma healing works to help you move through the traumatic experiences with greater self-awareness and understanding. By allowing the body to be an active participant in the healing process, you can begin to release the emotional and physical tension that has been stored. Through this process of release, you can also begin to gain insight into the underlying causes of your trauma and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Embodied trauma healing focuses on the whole person. It's a holistic approach that helps you reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit. It's a fundamentally different approach than just "talking about your past". It's a profound healing experience that shifts your energy immediately. I've been working with numerous modalities for years now and have experienced all of them, as well as others, myself. But nothing ties everything together as energy. Energy that moves through the body and connects us to everything and everyone: the past, the future, karmic patterns, ancestral lineage, other realms and dimensions, etc. I MEAN EVERYTHING. We can tap into the wisdom of Consciousness, of Source, through our bodies. How cool is that?

Wellness in Mind - Unlocking Emotional Wounds & Trauma: A Journey Toward Embodied Healing

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