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Why it can be a good thing to "blame the victim".

"Blaming the victim"

can sometimes be the most EMPOWERING thing to do.

The longer someone stays in victim-mentality the longer it will take for them to realize there's opportunity for growth, healing and release of (ancient) trauma.

It doesn't mean that someone can't be an actual victim. Or that they aren't in need of support, understanding, empathy and recognition. It doesn't mean we should let the perpetrator or abuser get off the hook. Or that anybody "asks" to be bullied, ridiculed, judged, abused, raped, scarred for life...

Or to live a life full of trauma, pain, and illness.

The question is: what do we want to take away from the situation?

Do we want a symptomatic approach or do we want to eradicate the problem at core root? As much as possible?

Do we want someone to "just" survive or be in survival mode for the rest of their life? Or do we want them to understand the patterns that may have contributed to the situation so they can address, heal or change them FOR GOOD?

Do we want to keep giving our power away to external circumstances or are we willing to take radical responsibility for our life?

Things happen.

We don't always consciously choose for things to go a certain way. But WHAT WE DERIVE FROM THEM is up to us.

We can assign meaning to life's circumstances.


What I do for my clients is invite them to: * take a seat behind the steering wheel of their life. * challenge them to stand at the root cause of the things that are happening in response to and THROUGH them. * no longer ask "why things happened to them". Instead they'll be asking "what for".

They then step in the magic of the messages and feedback that their emotions, body, relationships, bank account and life are providing them with.

They'll sometimes feel a victim (hey, I'm in victim-mode quite regularly myself!), but will be able to snap out of that illusion quickly and with grace.

I believe It's all about you. And that's great news!

Because it means you're the solution as well. It means you can take the reigns of your life into your own hands.

It's the kind of control you'll love and curse at the same time. It's about surrender and flow.

About taking inspired action and trust. It's all about energy and Universal laws.

And in the end you'll recognize that is was all here to help you. That the darkest of times bring out the brightest light in you. And you'll be grateful for adversity. You'll love yourself through the pain.

You'll be the best, greatest and grandest version of your true potential.

And you'll realize that you were never a victim to begin with. And there is no one to blame. It's just feedback, a purpose, a function for your GREATEST GOOD.

To see life this way is a choice. You don't have to, you don't need to. You'll probably will get the occasional nudge to do so.

And when that moment comes you can choose to let circumstances break you or to use them as a catalyst to rise from the ashes and become the purest, most authentic and powerful fulfillment of YOU.

In gratitude for your presence,

sending you love and light,



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