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You're only vulnerable in victim-mode

The moment you think of yourself as weak, vulnerable or a victim, is the moment you dis-empower yourself. You start thinking of protective measures... Of shielding yourself and hiding from "danger"... You feel dependent on others, on circumstances, on coincidence... You see risk in virtually everything. It's one thing to keep yourself out of harms way by using the buckle of your car seat. It's a whole different thing if you adopt the energy of fear and victim-hood permanently. This will affect your energy body, your mindset, your immune system and your health.

Lack of faith in yourself is what weakens you and makes you sick. That's when you become truly vulnerable, ill and weak. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy that has nothing to do with the "truth". The truth is that you're a powerful being with competences way beyond your imagination.

The only true weakness is failing to recognize your own strength and blaming others for your grievances and problems. Each and every time you point the finger at someone or something outside of yourself you give your power away. You step away from possibilities and solutions. You instantly become dependent on others or circumstances for your health, succes, happiness, etc. It then becomes an excuse: I can't because... I have poor health. I can't until... somebody apologizes, does something, stops doing something...

I can't because I don't have the money, the support system, the tools... You cannot change others. Only yourself. Take responsibility for your life and take on the challenge of living a fulfilling, satisfying life where you're in control of your actions. Do you have ill health? Do something about it! Do you feel used by others? Do something about it! Do you think you can't... Find out how you CAN. If you think "if only something/someone changed..." YOU change! And don't even try to think of reasons why it's hard or not possible for you.

And stop feeling sorry for yourself. It will get you absolutely nowhere. Every time you do that, you put yourself in victim-mode. Over and over.

If that happens, start at the top and read all this again.

When you sit in the back of a bus and let someone else drive, you don't get to decide where the bus goes, where it stops, how fast it goes and who gets on.

You're at the mercy of the driver...

Imagine yourself taking the wheel.

You can drive as fast or slow als you want/is permitted.

You choose the route, who you let in and who you ask to leave.

You can stop to rest or wait til a storm passes before you get back on the road again.

You decide who sits next to you and what the rules on the bus are.

You can ask for help, for directions, for lessons to become a better driver.

With you behind the wheel, it's all up to you...

Remember that.

Xx Kinga.

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