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Psychology / Coaching

Psychology is the foundation of my services. With my broad experience and education I can help you with the most diverse problems. The approach is that you mainly learn to help yourself. That you start to believe in yourself and stand in your power. With practical tools and loving support.

In my conversations I prefer to combine traditional with complementary services to arrive at a holistic approach that tackles problems at the core and not just temporary symptomatic relief. Naturally tailored to your wishes and world vision.

A selection of my offerings:

EMDR (trauma treatment)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT/RET)

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy)

Inquiry Based Stress Reduction (the Work of Byron Katie)

Solution Focused Therapy

Positive Psychology

Stress counseling

I have been working as a traditional/holistic psychologist since 2007. Since I founded my practice (in 2011) my personal evolution brought me to the path of coaching and healing. 

As a coach I strive to be empathetic and genuine. This means that I use my own life experience to help others. To me all people are equal. So I don't consider myself "an expert" other people's life. I do have a gift to tune into people and see them for who they truly are. It's my mission to help my clients uncover their inner truth so they can make decisions based on their inner compass instead of other people's expectations for instance. I've experienced the benefits of doing that first hand. And, as my client, I'm ever growing and evolving. 

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