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Soul Realignment (R)

Reading, Clearing & Realigning through the Akashic Records

What is it for?


Have you always wanted to know who you really are? Gain insight into your real self, apart from all the rules, upbringing, expectations...? Do you want to know what you can do to go through life with more purpose and energy? Or are you troubled by annoying life patterns that keep repeating while you have tried so hard to learn from your experiences and break old habits? Soul Realingment® offers the solution!


Soul Realingment® is a specific way to consult your Akashic Chronicles. Akashic Chronicles are an energetic database that records every decision you have ever made (in all your lifetimes). With some details and your permission, I can access this information on your behalf. The way of translating this information is intended to provide you with tools to achieve true and powerful transformation of your life. No dry reading, but stories about who you were in a past life, what decisions you made there and why and how they still affect your present life. You will come to insights, you will understand yourself and events better and you will get practical tools to remove blockages. You will regain control of your life and feel more powerful than ever. 


At our creation we all received a unique soul blueprint. You can compare this to a set of skills, talents and gifts. This is who we actually are deep inside and information about our personal way of being in touch with Source. However, due to intense human experiences we have had throughout our lives, we have strayed from our authenticity to a greater or lesser degree. Of course, this does not happen consciously or premeditatedly. Usually traumatic events, rationalizations and choices contrary to our nature underlie this. If these are profound and long-term enough, they may be recorded in our Akashic Records as part of our blueprint. You can probably imagine, that this can have negative consequences for our experience here on earth! Eventually we get through that there are lessons to be learned and we manage to see through and break these unpleasant patterns. However, this often takes us a long time, lifetimes. With Soul Realingment® we also learn these lessons, but much faster, NOW. It allows us to make conscious choices and restore our natural state of being (and all the happiness and abundance associated with it) of our own free will.


Consulting your Chronicles is done remotely. You are not present for this. However, we do make an appointment to discuss the results of the reading. This conversation is recorded so that you can listen to it again if you wish. It is often a lot of very specific information. Experience shows that most people cannot remember it all. The appointment takes place in the practice or online via Zoom and takes about an hour.




You can submit an application through the contact form. For rates and other services you can look here. If you would like more information first, please let me know!


Become a practitioner?


Are you attracted to working this way with the Akashic Records? And would you like to learn this yourself? You can! The training is online, in English and consists of many videos with information, a book and the initiation to access the Akashic Records. You can find more information about it here.




The Soul Realignment® takes about 3 hours all together, of which 1 hour is an online conversation where I share all the findings with you and explain everything in detail. I recommend that you record this conversation for yourself. I use the remaining time to do detailed research about your life line, possible blockages, solutions, etc. using the Akashic Records. A Soul Realignment® offers you tools for life and only needs to be done once. The investment is € 147




It may be, that after our conversation you need further guidance to work with what you have learned. I am happy to assist you. More information can be found here.

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