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Tachyon Healing

Rapid Healing Process

What is it?

Tachyon energy is the source of all frequencies and the first energy with a form arising from the zero point energy field, the primal source of our universe. From this primal source all forms and frequencies (matter, chi, orgone, prana, yin/yang) of our universe are born and maintained. Tachyon energy has the same properties as zero point energy and thus also contains the perfect potential of our universe. The difference between the two is that zero point energy is still formless and tachyon energy has now formed. This difference has consequences for the application of both. Since tachyon energy is frequencyless, it brings order to all levels of our being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. That is why there can never be too much and it can never be used incorrectly.

Due to still further densification of the tachyon energy, matter is eventually created. Both zero point energy and tachyon energy are faster than light, hence the name tachyon energy. Tachus is the Greek word for fast. Tachyon particles have the remarkable property that when they lose energy they gain speed. And vice versa, if they gain energy, they lose speed, but never go slower than light.

Upon contact with tachyon energy, a process starts that always leads to order, healing, rejuvenation and higher evolution. In quantum physics, this science of tachyon energy is called “ninetropy”: the reversal of chaos to evolution to a higher order, to harmony. Or as you can compare it: the spectrum of the 7 colors of the rainbow that returns through a prism or a water drop to a beam of white light.

Since disease by definition is chaos (ie damaged cells, inflammation, tumors, etc.), tachyon energy will reverse this process of decay. A development is taking place in the direction of recovery, perfection, but also of expanding consciousness. In many diseases, the application of tachyon energy therefore results in great results: pain, blockages, chronic fatigue and inflammation disappear, a rapid recovery after surgery, etc. Through contact with tachyon energy, we also experience greater endurance in sports, better study results in case of concentration disorders, an increased energy level in more intense experiences during meditation.

Tachyon energy generally strengthens the body's self-healing system. All matter (including our cells and organs) is provided with a Subtle Organizing Energy Field (SOEV). This SOEV is located around every body part, small or large and knows exactly what this specific body part needs. You can see the SOEV as a kind of antenna that attracts those frequencies that an organ needs.

It can be regarded as the basis of the self-healing power of every living being. It works as a feedback system towards the information that is universally present in the zero point field and to which we are all connected. This zero point field has been extensively researched by scientists who study quantum mechanics and is yielding more and more special information. Because of this we know, among other things, that the interaction between chaos in our body (physical or psychological/emotional, but always with its specific frequency) leads the  tachyon energy to a new balance. After all, the SOEV of every organ or cell, like a kind of antenna, extracts the correct frequency from the potential of the tachyon energy, which is necessary to function optimally.

When an organ is out of balance, it is sufficient to add tachyon energy so that the necessary correction is carried out via the SOEV. At the same time, it is important that the person comes into contact with the psychological-emotional blockage(s) that usually underlie the imbalance. Only then can we focus on the cause. Such a process may involve emotional and/or physical detoxification.


What can you do with it?

Tachyon energy has unprecedented possibilities. This varies from the powerful effects on our physical body to a longer shelf life of fruits and vegetables. From a better concentration to a free energy supply. From increased vitality to the permanent removal of electrosmog. And from simply returning the chakras to their natural, easy-to-flow vertical position to increasing physical performance.

Because tachyon energy encompasses all the frequencies of what is in our universe, it is so versatile and works so powerfully. There is no other energetic technique that is so powerful that it also removes the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Around 1900 there were already inventors who used tachyon energy as a power supply or, a few decades later, as fuel for a car. Unfortunately, their ideas did not yet fit within the prevailing paradigms at the time and received little support. Patents have now been approved and extensive studies have been conducted into the effects of tachyon energy. Many studies show that the tachyon energy has a beneficial effect on people, animals, plants and food. For extensive research, see the book “Tachyon Energy, the Path to Total Health” by David Wagner, Akasha Publishers.


What appeals most, of course, is what tachyon energy does to our human body. A number of effects in a row:

·        Rapid healing processes in surgery, inflammation and chronic fatigue.

·        Strong support with burnout and illnesses such as M.E.

·        It reduces pain or makes pain disappear.

·        It accelerates wound healing processes.

·        Joint complaints are decreasing, such as rheumatism, arthritis, RSI.

·        Sports, cuts, fractures and burns heal significantly faster.

·        It balances and stimulates the chakras.

·        Increase in strength, endurance and reflexes. It is not without reason that many athletes (including in the West German Eredivisie football) use tachyon products to increase physical performance.

·        Strengthening of the immune system. People who apply tachyon energy are less likely to get sick and catch a cold. There is an activation of the self-healing ability.

·        Migraine attacks no longer occur as often and intensively.

·        Mental well-being. Stress situations are more easily conceived, the joy of life is increased.

·        Chronic diseases do not develop further, or, usually in the longer term, the pain picture is softened.

·        Improve sleeping behaviour.

Chronic complaints in particular develop insidiously and need time to develop again naturally. In such cases it is therefore useful to apply the tachyon energy for a long time and of course to look at the underlying patterns why those chronic complaints are there. Do not be alarmed if diseases first worsen with the use of tachyon energy. This phenomenon is known from homeopathy. It is actually a good sign and an indication that the self-healing capacity of the body has been activated and that energy blockages are being lifted.


Differences with other energetic methods

There are many energetic methods and it seems that more and more are being added. The most famous is probably Reiki, but we also know Vortex healing, Transforming scan healing, Quantum Touch, Universal Whitetime healing and Shambala.

Tachyon energy differs from all other energetic methods in two very important ways:

1.   It is so powerful and so universal that you can even permanently remove electrosmog with it. As far as is known, no other energetic method is capable of this.

2.   It works significantly faster and more effectively. The power of the tachyon energy is of course also apparent in point 1, but if you physically work with yourself or others, for example, you will notice that the effectiveness is significantly different.

Both points are caused by the fact that tachyon energy contains all frequencies from our universe and therefore knows exactly what is needed for healing. Other energetic methods all contain only a portion of all frequencies, some more than others. This also means that at a certain point you will notice that if you yourself "grow further" and get a higher vibrational number, a technique or therapist no longer works and/or that you get the feeling that you are "finished with something". This has everything to do with having a higher vibrational number than the technique used or the therapist in question. You will not have this aspect with the tachyon energy, as tachyon energy has the potential of all frequencies within it.




Healing at a distance (30 minutes): €25,-

This healing is a combination of Kundalini Reiki, Tachyon Healing and White Light Healing.


Despite the magical effect of the Tachyon energy, I would like to urge you to use this wisely and to consult a doctor first in case of physical complaints.

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