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The Wellness Code

The Wellness Code - The ultimate guide to turn every obstacle and ailment

into an opportunity for accelerated growth and creating your dream life.

Within this mentorship, you will have private, fully customized sessions, as well as training, readings and healing, as needed throughout the year we work together. This offering entails all of my learnings and provides you with a transformative experience, which will help you connect with yourself on a deep level and amplify your personal evolution. 

Each session is unique, yet always caters to your personal position, goals and desires - and can be any combination of spiritual counseling, personal mentorship, mindset/belief/energy work & healing. All topics, questions and concerns are allowed.

Topics can include (but are not limited to):

Forging an alliance with your body

Learning to love yourself

Experience spiritual assistance

Getting the energetic tools to remove blocks, understand problems at core root, and energetic hygiene practices

Learning how to trust, let go, regulate your nervous system, feel safe, and receive

Calling in your romantic life-partner

Stepping into your power

Cultivating the courage to start your own business

Radiating your true essence

​Mastering your frequency for aligned relationships

​Tapping into your personal power, flow, and natural magnetism

How to surrender to the incredible life, harmony, and ease, that this evolution of you will bring you

The areas of life that will improve as a result of your commitment to your personal healing:






Ready to Heal your life from within...?

Through healing myself from several chronic health issues (including: 18 years of debilitating lower back pain after falling off a swing, 20 years of daily headaches, multiple allergies, fatigue, and fibromyalgia), overcoming many challenges, traumas, and adversities, and working as a psychologist, coach, and healer for over 15 years, I've discovered a few things...

✨ We, humans, are powerful beyond belief

✨ We have the ability to heal ourselves and can tap into that ability consciously

✨ The most important relationship we will ever have, is the one with ourselves

✨ Everything happens for a reason

✨ We live in a reflective world ("as within, so without")

✨ Our emotions, bodies and life provide us with feedback about where we're out of alignment with ourselves and our Highest Good or Purpose

✨ Our well-being and success matter and we are worthy of living our dream life

✨ Taking radical responsibility (aka standing at the root cause of everything in our life) is THE key to healing our life from within.

✨ Human Design is a real game changer as it allows the deconstruction of old programming and conditioning, and allows us to BE our most authentic, peaceful, AND powerful selves.

Here's How We'll Work Together:

One 1:1 two hour-long personal mentoring/healing recorded video call per week.

A total of 10 personal training sessions + Q&A
​Unlimited WhatsApp support (daily access to me to share your wins, ask your questions , breakthrough limitations that might rise up as you're rising to your desired life)

Written spiritual guidance and clarity through connecting to the amazing Akashic Realm

​Weekend Reatreat: The ability to pick my brain and access to the amazing resources that I have obtained over the last 15+ years of working as a psychologist, holistic wellness coach, light worker, and healer.

A personal Human Design Report

​An all access pass to all my online programs (current and future ones that will launch during your mentorship).

Healing your life from within is the most incredible journey you can embark on. It's a gift that you give to yourself and everyone around you... because everything happens for you, through you, and in response to you.

Note: I only have space to work with 5 private clients at a time, so please note that you might get on a waiting list for space to open.

Schedule a free call to connect if this offer resonates with you and and let's see if we're a good fit to rise together!

Investment: €24.000/year (payment plan available)

Not entirely what you're looking for?

Check out the other services!

If this is for you, please contact me through email!

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