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the Wellness Garden

9-month Online Program: How to Free & Heal Yourself and Tap into

Balance, Authenticity & JOY.

This Program is the fruit of all the learnings and hard work of my ENTIRE life. She's collected for you the best information, knowledge, tools & exercises, and translated them into practical, easy-to-swallow chunks. With short videos, a carefully designed step-by-step system, combined with daily, weekly AND monthly support you'll be able to learn the power of discernment, the importance of aligning with what's real, and the transformative impact of intuitive insights.


This is for you, if you're on a quest for authenticity,

seeking your own truths,

and want to learn to trust your inner guidance system.


Through this program you'll be able to learn everything you need to know about healing your life from within, getting in touch with and bringing forth your authentic beautiful you. You'll discover how to breakthrough your limitations, shatter your negative beliefs and get YOUR Happy On! You'll be less stressed, more in control and in optimal wellness. You will not only know what to do and how to do it, but you'll actually be able to put all you've learned into practice! In just 9 months you'll go through your own realigning-process. Just as a baby takes 9 months to fully develop, you'll have that same time to reinvent yourself and rebirth yourself in a whole new way.

Each Program will be intuitively tailored to the client. Below is an overview of the possible structure, tools, and ingredients you can expect. What is included: Weekly 1:1 video sessions, daily support, monthly training, additional teachings through pre-recorded videos, a multitude of tips and modalities to add to your utility belt!


This intensive Program combines online learning, a unique step by step system and (almost) daily online interaction. You'll be able to share your stories, concerns and struggles whenever you have the time and feel the need to. You'll earn to use most of the techniques yourself and have the opportunity to practice them so that you become confident in using them, even after our Program ends. Access to the Program is granted through application only. Click here to schedule your FREE Introduction session with Kinga and see if you're a match!

The Garden of Transformation - What to Expect:

















We examine the problems and health/wellness complaints you have. We answer questions like: How did you get stuck, what are the underlying issues you struggle with, what's really going on? Before we can solve a problem we first have to identify it and get to the bottom of things. 
We get CRYSTAL clear on your intentions, what you want to experience in your personal and professional life. Before you can manifest what you want you have to KNOW what you want. You'll get insight in yourself and set goals for this program: what do you want to get out of it?






















You might already know what you need to be doing but yet are still struggling in procrastination, feeling stuck and spinning in circles. You’ll be learning proven techniques for breaking through your inner resistance, self-doubt, fear, anxiety and all of that “stuff” that keeps you from taking inspired action. You'll be able to breakthrough blocks and limitations. You'll gain insight in what's been holding you back and learn how to heal on a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. You'll realign to your Soul's Blueprint and start taking action towards your inner truth and trusting your own judgement.

You'll learn how to raise your tolerance of disappointment, cope with negative feelings and stressful events, put things into perspective and increase your resilience. You'll be able to welcome the things that happen around you, focus on your personal growth and freedom and get a grip on your life.

We'll examine how your surroundings influence you and your well-being and how we can change what needs to be changed. Also we'll try to engage the people in your life in your personal growth process. One way to do this, is by joining the FaceBook group where you'll have access to your personal tribe that will help you on your journey. It's a safe, loving environment where you can share your struggles and wins. You'll find help and support here. And you'll learn how, with the help of others, you can hold yourself accountable for your results. We'll also work on the relationships in your life and how you connect with others.


















Together we’ll find out exactly in which areas of life you're feeling stuck and what you need to be doing to get unstuck. There is no standard protocol to heal your life. You'll learn how to make your own recipe for wellness.  This will enable you to get your desired outcome FAST. In addition you'll get all kinds of information, training, practical tools and guidelines that will help you to tap into your natural joy and create more freedom, energy and happiness in your life.

You'll learn all about different kinds of lifestyle tips to get your energy levels and overall health up. These include taking good care of yourself, setting boundaries, listening to your inner guidance, sleeping and eating right, quitting bad habits, etc.























Many people struggle with their sense of self-acceptance, self-confidence and self-love. We’ll look at all of your skills, experience and knowledge and we’ll use them in a way that will allow you to move toward feelings of self-worth.
We’ll look at what you should be focusing on to move forward in your life and what actions you need to be taking each day to become powered up, energized, optimistic and happy. This will really skyrocket your ability to heal yourself, accept things that cannot be changed, come into action where it's needed and possible, learn how to cope with stressful situations and how to deal with negative feelings. Everything is focused on you being able to consistently prosper and expand your personal growth, happiness and freedom.

You'll learn how to tune into your intuition and how to listen to your body. You'll be able to better interpret and understand the signals that your body, emotions, soul and life are giving you. 





We’ll make use of proven techniques to prevent you from relapsing in old behavior. Actually, you'll learn to recognize when you've fallen into one of your (old) pitfalls and how to gracefully and lovingly lift yourself out of them. You won't be discouraged and you'll be able to accept the experience and use it as an invite for growth. You won't let yourself spiral downward for too long. You'll have all the techniques and tools you'll need to ensure you're happy forever after!




















Celebrate! We’ll focus a lot of our time celebrating wins and creating the new habit of celebrating what’s showing up for you. What you focus on expands and everything you are learning and experiencing is of your creation. Your confidence will skyrocket as you consistently produce results over and over again! Celebrate what shows up so you can pave the way for even more success!


Does this REALLY work?

Yes! The result of our work is a shifted mindset, a new perspective. You'll go from Pain to Powerrr and Heal your Life from Within. The key is not only to have the knowledge, but also the wisdom of how to implement everything you've learned and having the right support system in place. This program provides it all. And once you know what your recipe for wellness is and you've broken through to your vibrant, happy you, there's no going back! 



What RESULTS can I expect?

You can expect to:


Learn how to live life to the fullest.

Get to know and LOVE the real YOU.
Enjoy, grow and learn from ALL your experiences.
Heal yourself and optimize your well-being.
Commit consistently to your own results.
Break the chains and start making real CHANGES.
Get rid of limiting beliefs, stress, anxieties, depression.
Free yourself from the shackles of your past.

Decondition from coping strategies that no longer serve you.

Improved relationships with others, your body, money, life itself.

Take control of your life.
End your suffering, loneliness and make real connections.
Embrace the possibility that, to a great extent, you CAN create your own future.
Invest in yourself and all your desires.

Really get into action and follow through on your intentions.

Be the authentic, happy, ever healing you!

How QUICKLY can I expect RESULTS?


That depends on how quickly you can make those inner shifts. Some clients are ready to go and sky rocket to their desired results in a very short time frame, sometimes even a few weeks, while others have a bit more work to do first. It also depends on how severe and complex your issues are. You can compare the Program to a diet: a diet works, as long as you follow it's instructions. But also, healing takes time. It's a process that can be optimized, but not rushed. And it's important to remember that this Program will provide you with a Blueprint for the rest of your life. But, as a garden, it will need upkeep and attention. Imagine going to the gym to get specific results. And after you get your goals, you quit going to the gym. What will happen? Your results will fade away. With self-development it's the same: you need to stay on the path of well-being, continue with the practices, make conscious decisions, take time to rest, and evaluate your progress regularly. Our most prominent mission in life is growth. Your expansion is dependent on your gardening skills 😉














Will I recover the INVESTMENT I put into this coaching program?


Yes, a resounding Yes! Of course, you cannot put a price tag on well-being and happiness. So let me ask you this: what will it COST you to continue on the path you're on RIGHT NOW? What will it cost in terms of energy loss, not being able to do the things you love, your relationships with others, your professional life, medical bills? What are you not able to do or achieve that you really long for? What's standing in your way and what would it mean for you to be able to work towards those things or really come to terms with what IS? How much are joy and freedom worth to you?


Are you a coach, counselor, healer, psychologist, manager or someone else working with people? Then you'll also be able to use some of the techniques you learn on others! You'll be able to understand others and communicate better. You'll improve your relationships with the people around you and you'll be able to help them if you want to. 


I can tell you from my own experience, that all the money I spent on my own training, self-development and coaching has paid off. And GREATLY so! If I had known of such a HOLISTIC Program, that combines different techniques and offers customized care as well as practical guidelines when I was struggling, I would have gladly invested in it. And I think it's important for everyone, even for a little while, to have a mentor, a coach or some other form of support or guidance on this great journey we call life.



If I’m not sure I’m ready to get started, how can I SAMPLE your work

to see if it’s the right thing for me?


A way to sample working with me, is through my pre-recorded videos, available in the KingAcademy. This will provide you with proven tips, the latest tools and powerful techniques to help you work towards your well-being. You could also consider taking the 10-week Program. If you decide to upgrade to this Program after that, you'll get a considerable discount. And, of course, you can also follow me on social media. 


OK, I’m ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions. Can I CALL you?


Woohoo! I'm so excited for you! It sounds like you’re ready to rocket-launch yourself into your future! Yes, if you have a couple of questions, you can contact me here. I'd be happy to answer your question. I'm looking forward to working with you and seeing you become the healed, happy, authentic you!

Let’s get going and get your happy on!

Phase 1 - Assess The Problems

- First interview

- Akashic Records reading for deep insight

- Goal setting

- Understanding health and wellness challenges

Abandoned railway station
Removing Weeds

Phase 2 - Clear Out the Weeds

Emotional, Mental, Physical & Spiritual Healing:

- Removing Blocks & Limitations

- Mindset Work

- Healing Trauma

- Entity Clearing

- Emotional Freedom

- Stress Release

Phase 3 - Prepare the Soil

- Soul Realignment

- Feng Shui

- Self-Compassion

- Trust Yourself

- Energy Protection

- Create Your Wellness Recipe

Black Soil

Phase 4 - Plant the Seeds

- Soul Realignment

- Feng Shui

- Self-Compassion

- Self-Love

- Authenticity

- Genuine Connection

- Trust Yourself

- Energy Protection

Phase 5 - Tending to your Garden

- Install new Practices

- Cultivate healthy habits

- Tackle challenges

- Prevent relapse

Happy old Asian couple gardening
Nature Girl

Phase 6 - A Blooming YOU!!

- Enjoy the Fruits of your Labor!

- The Power of Gratitude

- Maintain the garden

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