Ever since I was little I had a dream to write my own book. In 2011 that dream came true when my first book of poems was published. But I wasn't finished! I still love to write: blogs, posts, poems, (e)Books. I love to share my thoughts, tips, ideas, and emotions. On this page you'll  find the most current updates on my books that are already published and books I'm currently working on.


No Games: Levensreis

- de eerste 30 jaar

This collection of poems contains 30 years of life experience of emotions, (growing) pain and reflections. Most of the poems are written in Dutch and English, but there are also a few Polish poems.
The bundle has been published with the intention to share these experiences with others and hopefully to be a source of support and inspiration for them to acknowledge and express their own emotions.


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With great responsibility comes great power.

Have you ever wondered why certain things are happening in your life?
Does the question "why me" ever enter your mind?
You're not the only one!
But what if I told you, it's possible to get answers to some of these questions?
Let's start this self-discovery journey where you'll learn to look at your circumstances and bodily symptoms in a whole new way!


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Forge an alliance with your body

Your body communicates with you so you can gain a better understanding of what you're doing, the way you're headed, what foods to eat, and things that might be important for your journey.And that's really great! But... it speaks a different language. One that we often don't quite understand or even listen to...


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Still Not Playin': Levensreis

- 30e-40e jaar

The journey continues. Wiser, more mature, with intenser emotions. And hopefully inspiring for those who encounter setbacks on their own path or do not dare to raise their voice. This is an affirmation, an invitation, permission to be yourself. To share your love and light with the world. 🙏


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Money Mindset for Healers & Therapists: 
Is it right to charge (a lot of) money for Spiritual or Healing Services?

10 Simple steps to challenge your beliefs around making (a lot of) money as a spiritual, intuitive, deeply caring guide.

Geld notities

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