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Personalized Programs for Your Empowerment

Hey you!

Welcome to my KingDom!!

If my content resonates with you, let's chat to see how we could work together!

I'll bring the herbal tea 😉

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A good coaching program starts with a thorough assessment of your problems. The best ones start with your energetic blueprint and look at who you are: your challenges and fears, your potential, and your Human Design.

Standalone Sessions / Custom Made

Generally speaking, I don't do standalone sessions anymore.

But in some cases this might me the best option.

Let's discuss: book a discovery session!


3 sessions package

Perfect for EFT/tapping, OldPain2Go sessions, other healing modalities, or short "back on track" trajectories.

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Claim Your Throne

An intensive coaching program to go from Pain to Powerrrr!


the Wellness Garden

My Signature Program that will totally transform your life's experience. The paradigm shifts, awareness, and healing modules will help you craft your own recipe for well-being, remove the blocks and get your wellness breakthrough.

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