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The Process

Many therapists claim to work from a holistic view. If you zoom in on what they offer, I always miss at least a few parts. As a psychologist, I ran into this from the start: how can you treat someone with a burnout without paying attention to the body and nutrition? How can you treat depression without going into deeper causes, core values ​​and traumas that need to be healed? How can you treat persistent anxiety complaints without looking at energetic blockages or spiritual causes?

That is why I call my holistic work 8-dimensional: a total approach on a mental, physical, behavioral, emotional, energetic, relational, contextual and spiritual level. So, if necessary, we can include all aspects of your life, past lives and ancestral lineage in the conversations!


I'm on a mission to help as many people as possible feel good about themselves, be content with themselves, embrace life, empower them and teach them to turn suffering into lessons. can use to get closer to their true self and self-realization.


As a little girl I was extremely anxious and lonely. Others should not be bothered by me. I managed to survive with the survival mechanism of (over)adaptation and avoidance. I constantly had feelers on to assess and meet other people's needs. I was very unhappy and got more and more (chronic) physical and mental complaints over the years. It took me years of conscious self-development before I found myself and my voice again. And I have always wanted to assist others in their journey. It is also a great honor for me to be able to do that.


I do everything I can to make people aware of their own possibilities and to provide them with the necessary information and tools to heal themselves. I also think self-direction is very important. No one is able to heal another person. All healing is self-healing. Another person can at most facilitate you, be a guide, provide you with the necessary tools and assist you in the process.


Through social media and my online programs and training I have found a way to reach a large audience. But the only way to change the world is to start with ourselves, to remember that we are powerful beings, and to become whole again. One soul at a time.

I want to help you to start living as much as possible from your qualities and strength. This means that you will connect with yourself, your body, your inner compass, your soul and your dreams. You will embrace yourself and more and more from trust and your True Self-life.


The benefits of this are countless, including:


💜 More satisfaction

💜 Fewer complaints

💜 More control over your life

💜 More  (choice) freedom, happiness and well-being

💜 Better Relationships

💜 Brightness & Clarity

💜 Inner balance & tranquility

Of course all this will not come to you magically. It requires effort, dedication and hard work.

If you're willing to invest in yourself and face yourself, in full regalia, then the results will be like this!

My focus is mainly on chronic pain, stress, awareness and self-love. Simply because these ingredients have been discussed extensively in my life and I have developed an affinity with them through my own experience. I want to help others with what I have learned myself.

"Complaints contain a message and an opportunity to grow."


While doctors and therapists are usually used to working in a complaint-oriented way and people learn to deal with complaints, I have always been more interested in their causes. And I do not mean (only) any physical explanations, but especially the underlying reasons why these complaints are currently manifesting themselves.

Although it is very important, especially in the case of physical problems, to find out what is going on physically and to take adequate action, in my opinion it is at least as important to investigate why these complaints have arisen. By this I mean that we become aware of the message that our body is trying to give us. This message can contain important information about our health, ourselves and our lives. If we don't pay attention to this, the complaints will come back, worsen or manifest themselves in a different way. Until we take the message.

A lot can go wrong in this communication, of course. We often do not understand the message or are not aware of the fact that our body has something to say. We often find complaints very annoying and want to get rid of them as soon as possible.

The latter is exactly what I want for you: to become as symptom-free and pain-free as possible. BUT I do ask for something in return for this. I can investigate with you, translate to you what your body is saying and free you from the complaints through powerful methods. But I am also there for your body, your deepest Self, your unconscious. They may be asking you to do something or change something in your life. This is the reason they started giving signals. To guide you, to warn you or to make something clear...


I always say, you better start listening while your body is still whispering, so it doesn't have to yell at you.


In my view, there is a message behind all kinds of complaints (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional). I therefore treat these on all possible levels (multidimensional and holistic).

Practical examples of complaint-related messages:


Depression: Becoming separated from yourself, abandoning yourself, withdrawing from life, not trusting yourself enough.


Fibromyalgia: An attempt by the body to slow down highly motivated people.


Shoulder pain: Carrying too many burdens with you.


Hay fever: Overreaction of the body to something relatively minor.


Baby who doesn't want to eat with mom: turned out to be bothered by mother's perfume.

Cold: being cold and rigid with yourself.

Our body/subconscious communicates through metaphors and always wants the best for us. So it is quite a quest to decipher what is actually meant. Once we understand the message and have taken appropriate action, the message is no longer necessary. Something can go wrong here too. I regularly see people in my practice whose "alarm" is continuously on, while it is already clear what is/was going on. It is therefore high time to switch off the alarm, so that it can use its warning function optimally again.

Psychological and emotional complaints also have a function. They want to make something clear to us, teach us, make us change. I always look at them with love and gratitude and treat them as the teachers they are.

So it is my conviction, experience and vision that body and mind mutually influence each other. I also believe in the self-healing capacity of our body. With the right diet, mindset, balanced choices and above all by following our inner wisdom, I believe that we as humans are quite capable of helping ourselves, often without outside intervention. My ideal is therefore that regular and complementary care will one day really work together.

Does this way of working appeal to you? Feel free to contact me or make an appointment right away!

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