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De-stress - Level 1

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This training will provide you with fundamental tools to take your life off of auto pilot and into your own hands. It's for everyone who feel stressed out, overwhelmed, stuck in survival mode and ready to take your power back! I'm gonna teach you techniques and guide you through experiences that will set you free from chronic stress. With this training you'll feel more relaxed and be more equipped to deal with life's pressures. You'll be able to respond more calmly, cope better with demanding tasks, and have greater resilience. We'll cover everything from breathwork to physical relaxation techniques, from heartcoherence to somatic experiencing. I've been teaching this for years and am blow away by the transformations I myself, my students and clients went through "just" by learning how to regulate their nervous system. How would you feel if you were able to experience less stress and more emotional stability? Be more authentic and centered? Feel safe in your body? Be able to respond instead of (over)reacting? Enter the world of stress release here.

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