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Kundalini Reiki

Reiki Initiations

What is it?

Kundalini Reiki is an addition to the traditional Usui Reiki teachings. Usui Reiki works with universal energy and Kundalini Reiki with its own Kundalini energy, which awakens through an initiation (or through spiritual development).

Kundalini Reiki can be used to dissolve blockages in our system (energetic, physical, mental, emotional, social). These types of blockages can cause the energy flow in our system to stagnate. This can cause physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems.

Kundalini Reiki helps to clear the energy channels with all its positive and liberating consequences.

Both the initiations into this Reiki system and the treatments provide the alignment of the chakras, energetic cleansing and a boost of your personal energy. No prior training or knowledge is required for these initiations. However, the initiations must follow each other and, for example, Kundalini Reiki II cannot follow Usui Reiki I.

Do you want to experience this form of energetic healing yourself first? Then join the free private Facebook group "Awaken your Inner Healer". Once in a while I give free healing to those who need it.

The reason why I don't offer Reiki treatments and only do initiations is because I want to empower people. Why pay someone else (per healing) when you can learn to apply it yourself? This way you are independent of others and you can also help people and animals in your environment. I don't want to be the one who gives you a fish when you're hungry, but the one who teaches you to fish.​


Initiations in this healing modality


Kundalini Reiki 1st degree

During the first initiation, all blockages in the chakras are removed, except in the base chakra. The main energy channel between the base and crown chakras is cleaned and prepared for the   'awakening' of Kundalini energy during the initiation into Kundalini Reiki II. The heart chakra is enlarged and the energy channels from the hands to the crown chakra are opened, so that the Reiki can flow more freely.

After this initiation you will be able to:

- treat yourself and others (remotely)

- energetically clean a space/room or house

- treat karmic bonds

- handling situations

Kundalini Reiki 2nd degree

During the 2nd attunement, the Reiki channels are further opened. The Kundalini Fire is 'lit'/activated, gently opening the main energy path. alini energy reaches the solar plexus in preparation for the full ascent of the Kundalini in Kundalini Reiki 3. The 3rd eye or forehead chakra also opens further. You will also learn a special short meditation. When you practice this meditation, you increase the Kundalini Reiki energy for a short time. In this way, all chakras and the entire energy system are cleansed.

Kundalini Reiki Master

During the attunement to the energy of Kundalini Reiki 3, you will receive a number of additional attunements. By using these forms during self-treatments, you get the chance to heal different parts of yourself and your past. It is important that you use all forms for self-treatment before using them to heal someone else.


This third initiation includes a number of additional initiations, namely:

- Balancing Chakras

- Birth Trauma Reiki

- Location Reiki

- Past Life Reiki

- DNA Reiki

- Crystal Reiki and

- Diamond Reiki

In the manual that I am sending you, you will find all the information and the techniques explained step by step. If you have obtained the third degree, you can also initiate others in Kundalini Reiki.


How did others experience the initiation(s)?













The investment in yourself is €33 per initiation.
This includes manual, certificate, personal guidance & aftercare via email.

If you want to receive all 3 Kundalini Reiki attunements, you can also choose to take these in one go for a reduced total price of €88.

It is advised to keep a period of at least 2 weeks between the initiations, but if you feel like you want to wait longer, that is no problem at all.

The initiations are done remotely. You do not have to come to the practice for this.

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