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The Wellness Code Club

What is it?

In this group mastermind we focus on holistic processes for self-development and healing.

You learn how to use (physical/emotional/mental/relational) complaints and problems

as feedback mechanisms for opportunities for growth.

We look for the root cause of problems and use your natural ability to heal in various ways

(mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically).

It's a reminder of and return to your Personal Power. We all have it. It just sometimes gets snowed in.

We uncover your true self, so you can start creating the life you actually want.

Who it's for:

For busy, sensitive, overwhelmed men and women who know that life is more than

just "making it through the day" and being constantly in survival mode.

For people who are ready to take the reigns of their life and well-being into their own hands.

For individuals who are open to new insights, introspection and radical responsibility.

For those who love the idea of sharing their journey with others and receiving guidance from

multiple sources at once.

What you can expect:




Increased sense of belonging, safety, gratitude, success, being a part of "something bigger".

Feeling "at place in the world".



Release, surrender, receiving.


Different techniques from several different disciplines and therapies (including, but not limited to:

psychology, coaching/counseling, body work, spiritual practices, energy work).

You'll be working with a licenced psychologist with years of professional experience and

extensive schooling and knowledge as well as inner wisdom from personal experiences.

Ongoing support from other group members who have their own unique points of view,

struggles, and ideas.

What you get:

One 1:1 session to start you off on the right foot.

An online group call (training but also addressing individual issues) per week.

A year long transformational process that will not only teach you techniques, but will also tackle

problems that often arise when you actually start applying them.

A deeply transformative experience and the probability of life-long friendships.

Voxer support (daily access to me and the group).

By paying for a year in advance, you get one month free!


€557,- per month

Not entirely what you're looking for?

Check out the 1:1 option for comparison!

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