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5 Reasons why you SHOULDN'T hire a coach.

Are you thinking of hiring a coach or enrolling in a coaching program, but are not sure which one and if it's really gonna work (this time)? Don't worry, You're not the only one! It took me 2 solid years to decide on hiring a (business) coach! I used all the excuses in the book. I told myself I didn't really need one, I could do everything on my own (I'm an experienced psychologist and coach myself after all!), I didn't know if it was worth spending the money, how would I know who to pick, etc.

But the more I thought about my situation the more I saw, that I would NEVER get out my own routine and vicious cycle without the help of someone else. I imagined myself a year into the future still being EXACTLY where I was and I just panicked. Things NEEDED to change. I felt it in my bones. Through all the frustration and mediocrity, change and success had become a burning desire within me. And I just KNEW I could do something about it! I just needed someone to talk things through with. Someone who could guide me and challenge me. Someone who had been through (roughly) the same things I went through and was passionate about sharing his or her findings and experiences with others.

I started looking for coaches online and immediately felt drawn to a few of them. I read their blogs, viewed their videos on youtube, immersed myself in their stories, used each and every free tool they offered through their sites, newsletters, challenges... just to convince myself that

A) I really needed that kind of inspiration, encouragement and positivity in my life from someone who understood what I was going through as an entrepreneur, woman, daughter, partner, etc. Because, let's face it, your friends and family probably want the very best for you and want to help and advice you, but that often means they want you to stay "safe" by playing small...


B) The way of coaching and the tools they were giving away for free really would help me in some way. I wanted to see if I could get results by following their advice, tips and tricks.

One coach really stood out for me. I just felt like "If I could only be able to work with HER!". So, when opportunity knocked at my door (and that's exactly what tends to happen when you decide to help yourself) I jumped right on! I took the chance, I committed myself to a 9-month program and I'm ROCKING my business!

So I can tell you right now: it was more than worth it! Sometimes all you need is that last push in the right direction...

So why SHOULDN'T you hire a coach? That's an EXCELLENT question :)

1) Well obviously it costs (a lot of) money.

So the lack of money can be an obstacle. Funny fact: investing in yourself is actually very profitable :D But, truth be told, in my experience money almost NEVER is a real issue when you're deciding on buying something, whether it's products, services, property or anything else. I'm also always pleasantly surprised how creative people get in finding resources and solutions to get what they really, really want. So if you're not absolutely convinced that the coach you are thinking of hiring will help you get the results you really, really want, don't do it! Save yourself the trouble, money & disappointment.

2) The timing might be off...?

You're stressed-out, overwhelmed, you have too much on your plate as it is... Well actually, this could be THE BEST time to hire a coach. Because A) you somehow created this chaotic, stressful situation and B) how else are you gonna break out of this situation? If the timing issue is only temporary and you feel and KNOW that's it's better for you to wait a little while, that's ok. Don't stress yourself out!

3) You're not taking yourself and your dreams seriously.

When you're life is "ok" and you're actually "fine" with it, but are wondering what a coach can do for you, don't bother. You'll only set yourself up for failure. You see, it's not up to the coach to prove anything. He or she already IS successful in whatever they're an expert in. Success is determined by committed action. So find your motivation first, even if it's just the burning desire to take your life to the next level without knowing what it really means.

4) You're expecting a "magic pill".

Let me tell you once and for all: there's no such thing. If you want something, you'll have to work for it, give something in return. You get nothing for nothing. The magic is life itself: exchanging your gifts and talents for what you desire.

5) You're not willing to commit and take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your life AND results.

If you're not willing to dedicate yourself fully to your own success and you feel dependent on things/people outside yourself, you don't need a coach. What would he or she be able to coach you on? You need a focus, a direction and intrinsic motivation. You need to be pulled in the direction of the objective you desire. Other wise you'll find yourself in resistance to change! You'll feel pushed, forced into doing something you're not truly devoted to.

In addition: if you need to be convinced that living the life you love is worth the effort, if you don't believe true success is possible for you and you accept these obstacles as "the truth", you're not ready for coaching yet.

You see, you need to accept full responsibility for everything in your life and have faith in your own power to influence (and create) your life to be able to change anything in your life!

So, are you ready to hire a coach? Are you ready to learn from the pain, see past the storms and commit to success and greatness? Are you willing to work towards a life you love, heal from within and embark on a journey to inner power and wisdom? If you are, I want to invite and encourage you to surround yourself with a tribe of supporting "fans". These could be good friends, peers, a doctor you really trust or a therapist. And yes, a coach. They could all accompany you on your path to self-discovery. On the way to wellness and wholeness you shouldn't walk alone...

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