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How to love & embrace the real you and heal your life from within.

I don't know if you know this about me, but I've been struggling with my self-worth for the greater part of my life. I've always had a strong sense of right and wrong, a solid connection with my intuition or inner truth and a clear-cut identity, but I wasn't accepted for who I was.

From an early age people listened to me, valued my opinions and praised me for my wisdom. In actuality I felt scared, insecure and unworthy. There were qualities about me that weren't tolerated. As a child I felt rejected and "not good enough". Through it all my life's circumstances were unstable and stressful. So in order to survive I adapted, adapted and adapted some more.

I essentially lost myself trying to meet up to other people's expectations of me. On top of that I had to deal wit all kinds of chronic conditions, both mentally and physically. I felt I was falling short and that there was something wrong with me because I couldn't maintain the most important relationships in my life and even the people that should've loved me unconditionally had turned away from me or abandoned me.

By then I was already studying psychology, working, living on my own. I got to know new people who gave me insights and questioned my beliefs. I came to understand that what I was trying to do was a lost cost, no matter how hard I tried, because it was not my responsibility to make other people happy and measure up to their image of me. It was a long and hard journey not only to KNOW that, but to START LIVING it.

It started dawning on me that in order for my life to change I needed to change! The last 10 ears, after I got my master's degree in psychology, I started peeling off years of guilt, misery and blame. I did all kinds of courses, educated myself as much as possible, read books and articles and rediscovered myself bit by bit. 

I was no stranger to self-analysis and introspection, but my evolutionary journey really took flight a few years ago when I stopped taking more and more knowledge in and really started to DO the inner work and soul searching. I finally GOT IT!

Now, I can be truly grateful for everything I went through, because it led me HERE. And I'm so excited about my life and curious to find out what the future holds... It's a great state to be in and I want to share that with YOU!

Teaching others what I have learned has become my true mission in life. I'm passionate about sharing all sorts of practical tips and tools and coaching my clients through their obstacles, hesitations and barriers. I know what feeling stuck means. I've been there. And I get overly excited when I can celebrate the wins and successes of my clients. I'm really committed to their goals. To YOUR dream life. Just because working with you helps me spread love and heal the world. 

I feel so BLESSED to be able to support others on their journey. The changes I witnessed in people that I've coached are miraculous. And it's all of their own doing! I'm their guide, their cheerleader and help them rediscover themselves. I coach and mentor them to follow through on the actions that naturally flow from them fully embracing and loving themselves.

I LOVE accompanying others on their healing journey, seeing them blossom and finally take their power back over their lives.

You can do this too! You too can create a life you want, no matter your background or circumstances. I already know this to be true, I've done it myself and I'm already celebrating your success!

If you would like my support in:  - letting the real you shine through, 

- healing yourself and your life from within, - discovering your passions in life,  - transforming your negative and limiting beliefs,  - breaking through old habits,  - learning to love and accept yourself fully - getting rid of shame, guilt & anger  - feeling vibrant and full of life - and creating the life you truly want

I can help you.

Please send me an email ( or apply for a FREE Discovery Session here. Whatever you do - DECIDE that your dreams are WORTH coming true! Decide YOU are worthy! And remember: the most important relationship you'll EVER have is the one with YourSelf.

Xx Kinga.

Kinga de Wit - How to love & embrace the real you and heal your life from within.

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