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What you believe is true.

#Mindset is EVERYTHING. It is.

You can decide right here, right now: „no more, I'm drawing a line here. I'm not settling for less than I deserve anymore.” You can change your life in an instant, with one, seemingly small, decision. Everything that holds you back from being you is called a block, restriction or limiting belief. We often have many and we get them through our experiences, from our parents, our upbringing, teachers, society, authority figures, religion, tv, you name it! They are the reason behind everything that comes our way. Our thoughts become reality. Our #beliefs are like magnets: the attract alike and repel what's not compatible. They determine our emotions, our behavior, and therefore our very lives. Without negative beliefs and expectations, we wouldn't get disappointed, judgmental or even hurt. Without our thinking and interpreting everything around us, reality would be just that: the way it is.

Our beliefs shape and color our perception and reactions.

They also create the results we get in life.Think about it: when you believe in yourself, you'll be more likely to get out of your comfort zone and try something new than when you're convinced you'll fail. You'll be more likely to attract the right kind of relationship when you value yourself. What kind of experiences do you think someone who is dishonest will get? That's why your self-image and the way you think about yourself are crucial ingredients to happiness. They make sure you'll take good care of yourself, set boundaries and stand up for what's important to you.

The problem with beliefs though is that we believe them.

We bought into the idea that they are true. We're sometimes even convinced that they're somehow part of our identity or personality. When in fact they're not. They are learned, acquired thoughts we've made into habitual behavioral patterns.

But we can change all that!

We can breakthrough these patterns and make all new decisions about how we want to look at life and carry ourselves. The important thing in doing so is not to judge yourself. Be kind and compassionate towards yourself. Even if you find out you've been interpreting things in ways that weren't necessarily serving you in the best way possible. Why? Because the majority of our beliefs was formed at a very young age and for a reason. Often times they served as a protection mechanism. So they're not wrong. At one point in your life, you needed them as a coping mechanism in order to survive (or so you thought). So be grateful that your way of thinking brought you to this moment and kept you alive!

However: merely surviving is not what most adults want for themselves. They want to be happy, successful, wealthy and in a loving relationship. If you don't have all the things you want for yourself, chances are you need to change your beliefs to open yourself up for different results. After all, it's like the saying goes: „If you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten”. The same is true for our way of thinking.

While changing your beliefs can be a worthwhile endeavor, it's not always necessary to dive into each and every one of them and investigate them thoroughly. When you watch the video in this article you'll learn an easy yet powerful technique to transform your beliefs instantly. You can combine this process with the use of affirmations.

#Affirmations basically are beliefs that you would want to have and that are positive, helpful, and empowering. Something that a lot of people find difficult and even criticize when they try to use affirmations, is that they don't believe what they are stating (yet). It can indeed be very challenging or even impossible to feel into an affirmation like „all is well” (Louise Hay) or „I'm healthy” when you're very ill and the world around you is tumbling down. You can use the process in the video to make them believable and go further from there!

The important thing to remember when using affirmations is that robotically repeating them a few times a week won't do you much good. You need to back them up with positive intentions, visualizations and emotions to raise your vibration. Because your vibration ultimately is what attracts things, people and experiences into your life (Law of Attraction). You need to send out the frequency of what you want (by feeling as if it's already here) in order to attract that frequency in real life. Remember: our mind doesn't distinguish between reality and imagination so you can make yourself feel good by vividly fantasizing about the things you want as if they are already here. Also, it's important to be grateful for whatever is in your life, because otherwise, you'll focus on the lack of what you desire, hence creating/attracting more lack. In addition, there may be blocks to manifesting your dream reality like having problems with receiving what you've asked for or beliefs around your possibilities to create your own life. So now we've come full circle. That's how important beliefs are!

So...what do YOU believe?

About yourself, your abilities and possibilities? What convictions are you holding onto that could explain the things that are showing up for you? What might the underlying belief about yourself or how the world works be, when it comes to your health, success, relationships? What results are you creating with your mindset?

If you'd like some help identifying, investigating, and breaking through your limiting beliefs, blocks, and restrictions, please contact me. I'd love to help!

Xx Kinga.

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